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Floralesque is a personal blog that I launched in 2015 and my blog was created out of a love of writing and wanting to nurture a corner of the internet into a haven to house my passions and inspirations. It has grown to be a place where you can find out about Irish Design, travel as well as articles on beauty and skincare with a focus on healthy living with a dash of fitness thrown in.

The views and opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the people, institutions or organizations that I may or may not be related with unless stated explicitly.

This Site contains material which may be unsuitable for people under the age of 18. Floralesque bears no responsibility for people under the age of 18 viewing unsuitable material on this Site. Floralesque makes no promise that the Site will meet your requirements or that the Site will be uninterrupted or error free and we may modify and update the Site from time to time with or without notice to you.

Copyright Policy

Everything you see on this website was created by me unless otherwise stated (including written, multimedia and graphic materials). It may not be used, copied, reprinted, modified or published without first asking my permission by emailing floralesqueblog@gmail.com. A link to http://www.floralesque.com must appear in all consented uses of my content.

Occasionally images found on the web and believed to be in the public domain are used on this site and I don’t claim to be the owner of such images and I will state the source where possible. All visual content are copyrighted to their respectful owner. If you are the owner of an image and want it removed, please email me and I will do so as soon as possible.

With regards images / graphics used in Interview posts with designers, bloggers etc. – all images are provided to me by the person being interviewed and are therefore authorised to be used on my blog. By sending me your photographs you are giving express permission on behalf of you and the photographer for them to be used on my blog and also my Social Media Platforms. The platforms include but are not limited to Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and Google Plus.

I reserve the right to edit or change any details from an interview that I deem not suited to the Floralesque audience. This may include excluding certain question responses or editing them slightly. This should not change the tone of the interview and if there are any issues please contact me at floralesqueblog@gmail.com

Product Reviews / Recommendation disclaimer

All opinions and thoughts on products are only written about after I use the product. I do not write about a product unless I have expressly used it myself and all thoughts are my own. Regardless of how I received the product my opinions are 100% honest and not influenced by anyone else.

I only recommend products that I genuinely and honestly recommend as mentioned above but I can’t guarantee everything will work on all skin types. Make sure that you take into account your own skin type and if you have any allergies. I would also say to try and test out products on yourself before purchasing.

Health / Fitness Content

As I enjoy a healthier lifestyle and get fitter (hopefully!), any content related to these topics are based on my own experience and should not be taken as professional advice. Something that works for me may not work for you. The content is meant for informational and entertainment purposes only.


Comments are very welcomed on my site and I love to talk to well pretty much everyone 🙂 however any comments that I deem to be tasteless and/or insulting may be deleted without notice as will any that I deem to be racist, sexist, defamatory, inflammatory, general diatribe etc.

Any comments that in my opinion are link spam or marketing messages will also be deleted without notice. If I ever delete a comment you have written and you believe that this has been done in error then please just contact me:) I try to reply to all comments however this is not always possible.

I am not responsible for the content in comments other than those made by me, or in blogs or other online content that I may link to.

Letters to the Editor

Any letters, e-mails, blog comments, responses on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, or questions written directly to me may be used to share with my blogging audience unless specifically requested otherwise. (Part of) these letters or emails, questions or any other feedback may be used in newsletters, blog posts, columns or up-and-coming books. Big compliments will be painted on a tile and put up in my bathroom 🙂


Floralesque is a PR friendly blog with an open disclosure policy. I do not believe in ever hiding from my readers where a product was purchased, gifted etc. Basically all reviews on my website will be presented honestly and I will disclose whether I will be receiving any commissions or products for free as your trust means a lot to me.

Products received at events
I do attend events and blogging conferences and often there are on occasion generous goodie bags provided when you attend. Any product that I mention that was received at an event will be noted as c/o the event. I will mention the specific event that I attended.
Sponsored Content/collaborations
If I am lucky enough to partake in a paid collaboration or sponsored content then I will note #ad in any related social media posts and also specifically state it within the blog post. I will only ever work with brands that fit in with the vibe of my blog.
I am still learning about how to use ad’s on my blog but if you do click any ad on this site then it would help me however if not – no biggie. And if you find any ad (or in fact any part of my blog) offensive in any way please just let me know!
Affiliate Links
I reserve the right to include an affiliate link in future posts if I desire it however you will be alerted within said post if it includes an affiliate.

On occasion I may include links to other third party websites that I believe that you may find useful or that contain additional information that may be of interest. I am in no way responsible for the content of any other sites or any products or services that may be offered through other sites.

I am still learning when it comes to blogging and for that reason this disclaimer/disclosure policy may be updated from time to time and if there is anything that you would like to discuss please email me at floralesqueblog@gmail.com

All information provided is meant for informational and entertainment purposes only. By using this blog site you understand that this information is not intended to constitute beauty/skincare/health/fitness advice and you must use your own initiative when using products or making any lifestyle changes.

Even though hard work is done on the accuracy of all aspects of the blog, the owner of Floralesque will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. The owner will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.

All rights reserved.

A portion of this disclaimer was adapted from Cosmetic Candy & also The Travel Tester with their permission.

Update 25.10.2016 – Cookie Policy Update


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What are cookies?
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How do we use cookies?
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Update 03.06.2017 – Guest Posts

We are no longer accepting guest posts on Floralesque as I prefer to have all content written by myself in a certain style. Please do not email requesting to write a guest post on Floralesque as it will not be accepted but thank you for your interest in being featured.


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