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I always feel that if you say out-loud what your intentions are that you are more accountable and therefore more likely to follow through. So here I go… I am planning a 100 Day Fitness Challenge. Why 100 days – well it will bring me right through the Summer (when hopefully we will have some better weather!) and into September which seems like a good end date to the challenge.

The actual idea for the challenge came yesterday when I was walking around the Killaspugbrone Loop in Strandhill and it occured to me how lucky we are in Sligo and Galway as well to have so many beautiful walkways to explore that I really need to make a list of ones to do and get walking more of them. And from there I just got thinking about my sedentary office life and the fun of going for an impromptu 2.5 hour treks like today and the challenge was born 🙂

And here are my own self imposed rules;

  • Every day for 100 days starting from today I will do a form of exercise
  • The exercise must be at at a minimum of 30 minutes
  • The type of exercise does not matter – the point is to get moving
  • I must post a related photo at least 5 days a week on my Instagram – this will be my accountability factor

Hopefully by saying this out-loud I will get moving more and really increase my fitness, you can join me if you want – the more, the merrier 🙂 I will be using the hashtag #FloralesqueFitnessChallenge to keep track!



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