A refreshing change

A refreshing change

Many think that when it comes into the dark Winter nights that curling up on front of the fire is the only option for an evening, well I fully disagree. I am actually planning on kick starting my fitness plan! My mood tends to dip down slightly in the darker months so I think that by adding in more exercise then it should help up my mood as well.

I did talk about a challenge earlier this year but there was just too much going on at the time and I didn’t commit to it the way that I should have. So I am starting that again. And again I will be using the hashtag #FloralesqueFitnessChallenge  to keep myself on track.

So to start off this challenge I have joined the local gym that has a decent size pool. I will get a program from the trainers there but for the next 1-2 weeks I am going to walk more and also swim – both I enjoy and I think that if I just go straight into an intense program I will quit shortly afterwards.


And I am also starting a detox from tomorrow as well. I will be doing the lemon detox which is known for its internal cleansing program. The exact one that I am doing is Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup (read more here). I am aware that some disagree with detoxing however in order to cut the sugar from my daily diet I need to do something a bit more drastic. Starting with a 3 day detox and then building up to 7 from there I think will be the best option. I will share how I am getting along on here with a final review as well.

I am looking forward to getting dug in and getting fitter. Is anyone else thinking of starting a new lifestyle this side of the New Year?


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