Alex & Ani Liberty Copper Collection Floralesque

The new collection by Alex & Ani is uniquely different in the most wonderful way. Every piece of this ‘Liberty Copper’ collection has a piece of copper from the Statuw of Liberty in New York incorporated in it. They are the only brand in the world to create a jewelry line using copper from the original monument.

The Statue of Liberty inspires all to believe in limitless opportunity. She raises her torch to light the way for others, but her real light illuminates from within. Bearing her torch, we too brighten the world. We are Lady Liberty’s movement of light and hope. When we CARRY LIGHT, we ignite the light in others, and create one light indivisible.Liberty Enlightening the World.

Alex & Ani Liberty Copper Collection Floralesque

So how did the copper from the Statue of Liberty end up in a jewellery line? Well when there was a centennial restoration from 1984 to 1986, stainless steel replaced her 100-year-old supports, and the original copper from the statue was preserved. Alex & Ani partnered with The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. and then purchased the copper and created a stunning 26 piece collection.

Alex & Ani Liberty Copper Collection Floralesque

The actual design is quite special as well.  The message behind the line is Carry Light. This is to be a message of hope: When we Carry light, we ignite the light in others, and create one light indivisible. There are then 3 stars on the front of each charm – icons of peace, love, and unity. There is a torch and flame, there are an exact replica of Lady Liberty’s torch, raised high to light the way. And finally, light rays – meant to represent enlightening the world with her message of hope. Then on the back of each charm – there are 50 stars representing the 50 US States. Each piece of jewellery also comes with a Card of Authenticity.

 ‘The biggest honour of my life is to take her message and make it literally, physically attached to each and every one of us.’ – Alex & Ani Founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer Carolyn Rafaelian.

Alex & Ani Liberty Copper Collection Floralesque Alex & Ani Liberty Copper Collection FloralesqueThe launch itself was great fun! It was held in the fab Kilkenny Store on Nassau Street in Dublin and we were spoiled from the moment we arrived. There was amazing singing by the Bugle Babes, there were delicious nibbles and also you could screen print your own bag with Damn Fine Print (we all loved this!). NCAD graduate Dara Kenny was also live painting the New York skyline. I was talked through the collection and just fell in love with it. The girls knew all the in’s and out’s about all parts of the collection which was great and they seemed to be genuinely enthusiastic about it! The Kilkenny store was also a fantastic venue for the unveiling and really were the perfect hosts.

Alex & Ani Liberty Copper Collection Floralesque

I was kindly gifted one of the ‘Liberty Copper’ collection kindred cord bracelets at the launch and I am delighted to be able to carry a piece of history around with me. They are such a unique collection of jewellery and Kilkenny is currently stocking them (you can find them online here),  and this is a very limited edition collection (there is only so much copper after all!) so I would advise to take a look sooner rather than later if you like the collection as much as I do 🙂  #CarryLight


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