An unexpected absence Floralesque Bloom Festival 2016
Some blooms from Bloom!

Sometimes life just takes over and you have to roll with it, and that has certainly happened over the past while. I was so enthusiastic about starting my 100 day fitness challenge and had many plans for writing but then I expectantly ended up quite ill. To be honest by this week I had expected my blog to be all newly designed and shiny but it was not meant to be. And at times like this you just need to see the silver lining – plenty of bed-rest with time to think and make new goals. And I did get down to Salthill for some of the sunny days just to sit and watch the waves and it was fantastic – hearing waves splashing is just so relaxing.

And you know what – I actually missed my Twitter chats, Instagram posting & scrolling and my little blog. I love writing and have missed writing on here – it is an outlet for me and I love putting togeather images and content and there is such a long list of posts that I want to write! So tonight as I finally feel a bit more like myself and with only a few days left of antibiotics you can expect some exciting posts over the next few days.

For starters – the Sligo St. Angeles Fashion & Textile students are graduating next week and I have exclusive interviews with them – you may remember my previous interview with Sligo Student Jade Reidy  who also had her work shown at the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards – so much design talent is emerging in Ireland!

And I also went to a fantastic ITWBN event for their second birthday (you may remember their First Birthday post!) and went to Bloom as well which was such a fun, sunny day out. A few weeks ago I also explored my native Strandhill and have a great walking trail to share with you as well. Normal transmission has resumed 🙂


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