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Is it just me or is this year just flying by? I cannot believe that we are in April already – I really need to make sure that I draw up my monthly bucket lists early so that I can achieve all that I set out to do!

My Mini-March Bucket List was fun as since I left it so late in March to actually draw it up the actions were short adn I actually managed to do them all 🙂

  1. Connect More. The point on this one was to get more involved in Instagram and comment on 5 people’s pictures a day. This I did and actually found it more enjoyable than just clicking like. I would advise everyone to do this more – it really ups your engagement on the platform and most people will write back to you – it is a fun way to network more!
  2. Shop at the local farmer’s market. We did this and in Galway we are lucky to have a market right on our doorstep and the food always feels fresher than if I brought it in a supermarket. Plus you also have the added benefit of being able to talk to the people who grow the food – have any questions like how to store your veg. these are the people to ask. Click here to learn more about the market.
  3. Walk 5k twice a week. This was done though one of the week’s was a day in Dublin and according to my phone I walked 7k in the day shopping – who says walking has to be boring 🙂
  4. Make fresh lemonade. Done and it was do refreshing – recipe coming soon!
  5. Watch House of Cards. So this was definitely a cheat on my listing if I am honest – I was always going to watch this and I didn’t need a bucket list to get me to binge on this series 🙂

And so here is my April Bucket List – this month I really want to focus on myself both personally and also health wise as well as focusing on consistency with both my blog and also on social media – while trying to avoid being a slave to it!

The April Bucket List on Floralesque blog

Have you tried making monthly bucket lists? If not I would say to try it – it makes it easier to stay on track and it’s great to have something to refer back to.



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