Ashish Gupta Collaborates with River IslandThere are so many collaborations happening in many different areas of fashion and design but I aim to only share those that I find exciting or intriguing. And this is one I find quite interesting – it is a collaboration between Ashish Gupta and River Island.

River Island chose Ashish as their penultimate design forum collaboration. Previous participants in Design Forum include Sibling, Eudon Choi and Zoe Jordan, however, Ashish has taken a fresh approach to the initiative by being the first to promote a gender-neutral collection. So instead of working on one womenswear and one menswear – there will be only one collection.  This is quite exciting in itself and not something that I have seen River Island do before.

Ashish Gupta Collaborates with River IslandThose who are familiar with the work of Ashish will know him for his dramatic runway looks that are full of sparkle and to me personally, I think bring some fun to the catwalk. This collection appears to be a step away from that aesthetic.

Describing his collection with River Island as ‘something lazy and a bit dreamy’ Ashish wanted to inject a sense of humour yet deliver an easy-wear concept, adding ‘something relaxed enough to slouch around the house in, yet stylish enough to be taken out.’ 

Ashish Gupta Collaborates with River Island

The 15-piece collection embraces a fun and playful quirkiness across loungewear, outerwear as well as dresses. Fridge-magnet alphabet sweats (LOVE!!) and embroidered pyjamas include humorous tongue in cheek slogans including “sick of all this chic” and “good in bed”. These sould like they will be a sellout – just due to the quirkiness along!  Part of the collection is also an oversized sleeping bag puffa jacket which I am looking quite forward to seeing in person.

Ashish Gupta Collaborates with River Island

The collection is on sale now and you can buy here, personally, I would love one of the hoodies 🙂

All images courtesy of River Island.


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