Beautiful Blogs #23

Beautiful Blogs #23

First up I think we have to mention that Carly Rowena managed to surprise all her friends and family by throwing a surprise wedding when they thought they were going to her 30th Birthday. I have followed her for years and honestly am so delighted for her and Leon! I love this idea – imagine your friends rocking up to a 30th and it’s a wedding! 🙂 

Anyway, now onto the beautiful blogs for this week:

  • Un-Fancy is hands down one of my top 5 blogs that I always check in on and here she is back with her Summer wardrobe!
  • I am hoping that the sunny weather comes back…. and when it does – this post by Anna will be perfect all about her hot weather must haves. Also, anyone else really want Glossier to come to Ireland?!! 🙂
  • Love this post by Vic on protecting your brand as a blogger – some very interesting points that as a blogger I found interesting. I think it is so important that you stay true to who you are and what your blog is.
  • Anouska takes some of the best blog photos out there and I just loved her Tokyo post – simply stunning
  • Fantastic list of inspirational books here to keep you on track for the second half of the year with Sportluxe!
  • Sliders are certainly a favourite of mine this summer – and Avril has a great post sharing some of her favourite pairs
  • It can be so hard to figure out what trainers to wear to the gym – this post by Rosemary breaks it down

I hope everyone has the most amazing weekend – and if you are in Galway don’t forget about Seafest!


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