Beautiful Blogs #25

It is hard to believe that it is already nearing the end of March. When I decided to take a good chunk of January offline, it was a challenge. I tried to stay away from Instagram and Facebook to avoid mindless scrolling. It was difficult but certainly a worthwhile effort. And this time around after I came back online as ‘normal’, I am a lot more focused on what I am spending my time reading and looking at.

Top 5 Beautiful Blogs 

  • First up, Happy 8th blog Birthday to Briony from A Girl, A Style. To mark the occasion she has revamped the entire blog and it looks fab – highly recommend that you check it out here.
  • Catherine from Dainty Dress Diaries is just amazing at DIY. She did the most stunning IKEA hack – which looked quite simple to do but the end result was just fab. You can click here to read all about it.
  • Victoria from In The Frow has a very editorial blog look and feel, and both her and her boyfriend Alex really put the effort in to the imagery that they put up. One of her shoots with Carolina Herrera was just visually stunning. If you need some inspiration – look no further than here.
  • Carly is one of the few fitness bloggers that I follow as I find her relatable and honestly just hilarious. She also appears not to be out to make money, take for instance this post where she talks about how to get fit for free! If you are looking for a kick up the ass to get moving certainly go check her out.
  • I have been searching for some new Podcasts to listen to and Ruth’s post on her top 15 Podcast picks could not have come at a better time. Check them out here.

Top 3 Instagram Accounts 

  • Julia Hengel – Julia has an amazing elegant and feminine aesthetic and her Instagram is just perfect if you want to lose yourself in a sea of pretty images and dresses and find some style inspiration.
  • Behind.theyellowgate – I am all about interiors at the moment and love this Instagram. The dark walls and creative use of space has made it into such a beautiful home.
  • TheStyleCoop – if you are looking for daily look inspiration and wearable styles then look no further. I always look forward to what she will be wearing and in general it is bright fun and bang on trend.

Top 3 Youtube Channels

Normally I share my top videos but today I thought I would share my top accounts and then normal transmissions to resume in the next in the series!x

  • Laura’s Views – Laura is someone who I followed on Snapchat/Insta Stories for her wit and honestly. I can trust what she says because when something doesn’t work she says it. I respect that and over the last couple of months has totally upped her online game and I am loving her videos. Expect honest beauty reviews, travel tips, hotel reviews, vegan lifestyle tips and anything that may take her fancy – I love that she talks all things and not in a specific niche!
  • Caroline Hirons – This woman is my beauty guru. She is again honest and sometimes she may emmmm irritate some brands with her thoughts, but I LOVE that she still says what she thinks. I met her in 2016 and she said from looking at my skin to start using acids. And I did and have not looked back since.
  • Emma Hill – I love watching Emma for style inspiration and home interior inspiration. She has a fantastic sense of style that I can wear also – I am talking beautiful denims, blazers and an amazing bag collection. She is also quite funny and is one of the very few Youtubers where the notifications are turned on.

And here on Floralesque it has been all systems go this month and I have loved the writing process, and feel quite back in the groove so to speak!


  1. Love this post that it had a lil mix of everything!!I will agree that Victoria from In The Frow does such an amazing work, her blog and all her photos, in general, are stunning!Also, the post that you recommend about the podcasts came just in time I was looking for some new interesting one…I don’t have idea how to search for some good ones unless someone recommends them haha

    • Hi Aphrodite, hope you had a great weekend and I’m glad you liked it 🙂 Vic’s photography is just amazing – I love the high attention to detail that she puts into her blog. Do you know I am the exact same….. I never know which Podcast to listen to so it is great to have a listing to work through 🙂 x


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