Beautiful Blogs Round Up # 9

After a tough few days of battling the flu and still being stuck in bed I think that the perfect way to get back into blogging is to share some of my favourite posts of the last while. And there have been some amazing ones as well!

  • Firstly, wow… Emma shares a brilliant review of the Chanel Rouge Allure Ink and it has jumped to the top of my Christmas wishlist.
  • Slow blogging has been popping up time and time again on my Facebook timeline and Caitriona has quite an interesting post on how it changed her blogging.
  • And also blogging related – this post by Happy to Wander with some great social media tips.
  • I will be starting my gift guides next week (as I find most people start shopping around this time!), and I just had to share this one that Carol shared earlier this week! This Gin gift guide is just awesome!! 🙂
  • No one seems to particularly like talking about money issues.. but love this post by Aine – about Going Debt Free! What’s working? – some great tips included!
  • As you may be aware I am starting with FITTSteps training – well Ciara’s post certainly has me so excited to get in and training! Well done girl on an amazing result 🙂

And lastly, this post. It personally moved me and was written very much from the heart. If you find this time of the year tough then Ian’s post could be one that could help.

And if you would like to catch up on what has happened on Floralesque this week – on Monday I shared a sneak peek of what is coming when & Other Stories opens in Dublin, then came an amazing interview with amazing, award winning Goldsmith Helena Malone who creates some of the most beautiful pieces. On Thursday I shared both an invitation to the New Romantic launch in the Design House along side an interview with the new Irish jewellery brand as well. The week ended with a look around the Fashion & Textile Exhibit in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London – perfect if you are heading to London to do some Christmas shopping and looking to do something else as well!



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