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This will be my last Beautiful Blogs post this year and I wanted to make it slightly different. Rather than sharing individual blog posts I am going to share the blogs that I regularly check in on. I have separated them into the categories that I look to them for – whether it be fitness, beauty or just generally a good read 🙂 Hopefully, there are some new blogs both Irish and International in here that you may not have heard of before.


  • Carly Rowena. Her fitness blog was one of the first that I began to constantly check in on, and the reason for that is that she seems like a normal person – though super fit. She makes fitness seem achievable and from talking to her online – she is as genuine as she comes across on her blog and ToyTube Channel. Website link.
  • Joanne Larby. Although Joanne is an MUA and clearly beauty focused – I actually follow her for fitness inspiration. She has managed to completely transform her entire body through sheer dedication and consistency. Website link.
  • Zanna Van Dijk. This girl is a powerhouse! This is one of the first bloggers that I have ever preordered their book. I love her attitude and her site as well – solid tips from a super fit blogger. Website link.
  • Sportsluxe. This isn’t so much a blog than a website but I always pop on here. I love the fitness and foodie inspiration and the layout and feel of the site just flows – it’s everything I want on a fitness site. Website link.Website link.
  • The Anna Edit. Previously known as Vivianna Does MakeUp. Along with Lily, she was again one of the first bloggers/YouTubers that I followed and I now follow her more for her fitness posts than her beauty but love her minimalist style. Website link. 


  • Lovely Girlie Bits. Karen is just amazing at photography – through Snapchat you can see the love she puts into creating her images and it really shows through on her blog. If you want to keep up with new beauty releases then this is one to watch. Website link.
  • Fluff and Fripperies. Full of great reviews and interesting content – this is one of the blogs that I enjoy checking in on with a nice cup of hot chocolate. The perfect blog to catch up on the latest in the beauty world! Website link.
  • A Paler Side of Beauty.  This blog is run by one inspiring woman and she puts out such great content. Her reviews have some amazing images to of with them and she is also honest in them which I like. Website link.
  • Lily Pebbles. Lily was one of the first YouTubers that I started watching and although she started as a beauty blogger I think she has moved more into the lifestyle genre while still keeping her beauty roots alive. Website link.


  • In The Frow. Victoria has the life many bloggers dream of – she has worked her a$$ off and now enjoys working with some amazing brands and travelling to luxurious places all over the world. Website link.
  • Retroflame. I think most people will have heard of Erica Fox at this stage – she is an Irish girl living in New York and loving life. She has a high-quality blog with fantastic images and very inspiring. Website link. 
  • A Girl, A Style.  Wow. Just wow. This is a super feminine, pretty blog that you could lose yourself for hours on. A political advisor by day and blogger by night, her website is one that dreams are made of. Website link.
  • Modafix. Triona is a fellow Sligo blogger and I love her style. She also supports Irish Design and I always enjoy checking in to see what is happening in Sligo and also her latest fashion posts. Website link.
  • Lilyanne Nguyen. Previously known as Bleed for Fashion. Although Lily has not posted for a while – I adore her blog. She has an innate sense of style and her posts are full of beautiful images and also thought provoking. Website link.
  • Buy now,Blog later. I have followed Laura for years and was so sad when she stopped doing YouTube. But her blog is just awesome 🙂 Full of fashion and beauty finds – does exactly what it says on the tin. Website link.
  • Un-Fancy. If you are thinking of doing a capsule wardrobe then this should be your first stop. Full of fashion, style and substance this is a weekly check in for me. Website link.
  • Wide Eyed and Blind.  Colette writes really interesting fashion focused pieces on her blog and I love that she knows fashion. Her content is really well written and the perfect blog to sit down and get lost in. Website link.
  • Louise Cooney. Louise has such a fab fashion blog and the whole aesthetic of her site is just beautiful. Her personal sense of style is always on point and her images really add to the overall feel of her writing. Website link.


  • Where is Tara? Tara travels to some of the most amazing places in the world and I really enjoy her style of writing. She also does great tips posts so certainly worth a look if you are looking for travel inspiration. Website link.
  • This girl travels to some of the most beautiful places on the planet and her skills with the camera are amazing. When she travels I love following her Instagram and then reading about her trip on her blog. Website link.
  • Gal Meets Glam. This girl can do no wrong. Her blog is beautiful, stylish and consistent. She travels around the world while never appearing anything less than flawless. I greatly admire her strong work ethic and if you looking for blogging or travel inspiration then she is one to check out. Website link.
  • Journalist on the Run.  This is such a great travel blog. She has travelled to so many places and her style of writing just really appeals to me. When I am looking to book slights somewhere I always check out to see if she has been there before! Website link.
  • The Daily Self. I always think stylish travel when I think of Nadia. She has created a place of beauty to share her trips across the globe and certainly a travel blogger to follow on social media as well.  Website link.


  • Rosemary McCabe. I may not always agree with her but you know what – I like when people talk speak their mind and aren’t afraid to tackle topics that others may shy from. If you want to read some interesting articles then this is certainly a blog to check out. Website link.
  • Behind Green Eyes. The thing that I love about Sharon is her honesty, especially on Snapchat. And her blog is really interesting as it covers so many topics so I always love popping back to it.  Website link.
  • The Two Darlings. I may not have kids but I love this blog. Eimear creates really good content with useful tips and tricks and also often features Irish Design which I love. Website link.
  • Abstract Aesthetics. Previously known as Hunter Gatherer. I love the bold, bright vibrancy of this blog. It is interesting, fun and most of all great to read. Website Link.
  • Zara McDaid. Zara is an art teacher by day and blogger by night. I love the varied content on her blog and she is really a talented Irish Artist as well. If you love stylish posts along with quality lifestyle content then this is one to read. Website link.
  • The House Edit. Although a new website I love the layout, content and inspiration curated on this site. If you are thinking of redecorating or even just updating your home – check this out before you buy anything! Website link.
  • Dainty Dress Diaries. Catherine has such a feminine, pretty floral blog and is totally my little happy haven on the internet. She has a fantastic mix of topics on her blog and I love her craft features and DIY projects. Website link.

There are so many bloggers out there so this is just a snippet of the talent out there and sorry to anyone who I didn’t mention! 🙂 Happy New Year everyone and here is to a brilliant 2017 full of many new posts and opportunities xx



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