Beautiful Blogs Round Up Esp # 5

“Fashion can create a dream, create a fantasy, it’s a kind of theater.” – Anna Wintour

Well that was quite the week 🙂 Such a fantastic week and so much fun – probably one of my most fun fashion related weeks this year though I am looking forward to Cork Fashion Week, Sligo Design Week and Galway Design Week. 

The first thing I want to share this week is actually a trailer for the new ‘First Monday in May’ film that is being released on 30th September. I cannot wait to see this – it will be amazing to get to see behind the scenes for two of the hottest fashion events of the year. The film follows the creation of “China: Through The Looking Glass,” the most attended fashion exhibition in the history of The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the 2015 Met Gala.

And now onto the beautiful blogs of the week 🙂

  • First up is Sean talking about if flip phones are making a come-back! I may have gotten slightly excited when I read this as I would give up my iphone for a flip phone with great apps in a heartbeat!!
  • Áine shares some great tips for going to events on your own – certainly I found when I started then I attended events and pretty much just panicked when I walked in. Also, her nails in the video at the end of the post are AWESOME!!
  • Ian had a great post taking about the Boohoo AW16 press day – men’s fashion always interests me and I would love to see more male bloggers talking about fashion.
  • Braces are something that I have debated for a while and this feedback post by Marie is great. I like to see how she is getting on as her posts are honest and I know she is not trying to sell me them 🙂
  • LOVE this granola recipe by the Gastro Gays – simply delicious and also much better than buying it in stores.
  • Slow blogging is not a concept that I had heard about before and when Caitriona shared this article on it – it certainly gave me food for thought and is very interesting. What are your thoughts on the slow blogging movement?

And the last beautiful blog link of the week is all about planning a trip to Lapland! Corina shares some fantastic tips and great, practical advice that you can follow or take from to make real life savings and go on the trip of a lifetime.

And if you are looking for more to read on here – we started the week looking at the fab new Edge Only Mechanical collection and then followed into an interview with Irish milliner Carol Kennelly. There was a review on the September Glossybox followed by one of my most exciting posts of the year – all about the House of iKons show at London Fashion Week! I hope everyone has a fab weekend xx


  1. Thanks so much means the world to know you enjoy & follow my posts … I’m always 100% open & honest in everything I write …delighted it comes across in my posts. XxX

    • I really do enjoy reading your blog and it’s very true that I trust what you are writing. I certainly can’t say that about every blog I read – but yours I enjoy and it comes across as you being you if that makes sense 🙂


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