Best Ankle Boots for AW18
Topshop Animal Hiker Boots – LOVE LOVE LOVE

It is officially September and to me officially ankle boot season! I adore ankle boots, they are so versatile and generally so comfortable as well. The two main ways that I tend to style them is with jeans or else with a dress with thick tights, and today I wanted to share some of my top picks that are online at the moment.

These are my top 5 picks of Autumn Winter Ankle boots;

[shopr collection=”best-ankle-boots-for-aw18″ order=”random”]

Also, on a slight sidenote, Pennys (Primark) generally have an amazing selection of ankle boots, if you want to make them last a little longer then get them reheeled as soon as they show wear. I have a pair from around 3 years ago that are still going strong and have been reheeled twice!  In Galway, I tend to go to Edmund’s Shoe Repairs as I find them fantastic in there and not too pricey (not sponsored just who I go to!).


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