Block Heels Obsessed

There was a time where I wore super high heels out every night and somehow managed to walk, dance and sometimes run in them. Not sure how I did that exactly as now I pretty much am in pain about 20 minutes after I put them on. So, now I go for pretty flats, wedges and block heels. And today, it’s all about that block heel for Spring/Summer!

Retailers are only beginning out their Spring/Summer block heel offerings so today I just wanted to share a teeny tiny selection that I am loving. There is a mix of both high street and luxury brands so hopefully a little something for everyone.

What I personally love about a block here is that they add comfort and in the Spring and Summer when I go out that becomes even more important to me as it does in Autumn or Winter. I think it is due to the longer days and the better mood that many people are in. My favourite block style heels generally come from River Island and the reason for that is because they generally are bang on trend, not too expensive and I find that they do actually last more than one season.

Do you have a go-to style that you keep going back to?

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