Blogger Buzz Issue 04 Irish Blogger Agency

I am delighted to be sharing with you today the news that I have been featured as #BloggerBuzz Issue 04 as part of the Irish Blogger Agency!

I joined the Irish Blogger Agency at the end of the Summer as I knew Sinead personally from the Into The West Blogger Network (ITWBN) and found her great to work with. I also had some fun collaborations as part of the ITWBN, so figured that staying with Sinead with her move to the Agency was the right thing to do.

As part of the feature I talk about my blog story, who inspires me, what achievements mean the most to me and also what is our USP. I enjoyed talking to Sinead on the different points and I am happy with the overall piece. Though I certainly do need to get some more photos taken! 🙂

Blogger Buzz Issue 04 | Irish Blogger Agency

I also mention the fab Joanne Larby aka. The Make Up Fairy from as well as Suzanne Jackson from as inspirations from the business side of blogging. Both of them have managed to build successful businesses from blogging and have taken their brands to a new level. Their hard work and dedication are very inspiring.

Karen from also gets a considerable mention. She is someone who spends the time to take beautiful product photos and you can feel the passion that she has come out in her writing. Many of her photos could, in fact, be stock photos for the products they are that well taken! Her love for blogging and clearly kick ass photography skills are just two of the reasons why I find her inspiring.

Here is the link to the full feature 🙂 If you are thinking of joining an agency then talk to Sinead. She does give information on her website but she is so warm and helpful in person that I also enjoy touching base with her. To find out more the Agency is also on Facebook and Twitter! I am looking forward to hopefully a successful  blogging year in 2017 🙂 xx


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