Bloss - Showing the best of Irish Design
And BAM – Bloss has landed!! A wonderful piece by Edge Only

For the longest time one of the most common things that I have heard from my friends when we talk about fashion and Irish Design (which comes up much more often than you think!), is ‘but where can I buy it??’. Hands down it is one of the most common things that I hear as often when my friends are buying an investment piece they want to feel it, to get to know it before committing to the purchase.

And often when buying an authentic handmade piece that a person has put their creative love into and handmade with their own hands, it sometimes does turn into a purchase of an investment piece. Being very honest about it – you will not be paying low high street prices. You will be spending more on that handcrafted t-shirt for example than you would on the high street. And that is not a bad thing. In a time where you can buy a jumper for the same price as a cup of coffee, it is a wonderful thing to be able to purchase a piece of clothing or ceramics or jewellery that was loved in its creation and will bring so much happiness to someone when they buy it – to be able to own a piece of Irish Designed wonderfulness.

Bloss - Showing the best of Irish Design
Show-stopping pieces by Maria Dorai-Raj

We now have the perfect solution to the question that I have heard so often, and that answer is Bloss. Bloss is an amazing pop-up shop in Dundrum, Dublin where you can go in, feel and touch the pieces and fall in love with creations from over 30 established and emerging Irish Designers – all under one roof. It answers the question of ‘but where can I buy it??’ in the most practical way.

Bloss - Showing the best of Irish Design

Bloss is the brainchild of Jenny Huston, Emma Manley and Paul Haycock. Both Irish Designers, Jenny and Emma have actually featured on Floraleque before – you can read our interview with Jenny here and Emma here. They are two of Ireland’s top designers so it is not surprising that the design entrepreneurs are behind this beautifully curated ‘pop-up’ store.  I love that people can go in and get their mitts on pieces in person, and I have a feeling that they will be hosting some meet the designer events so I would keep an eye on their Instagram.

Bloss - Showing the best of Irish Design
A captivating piece by Niamh Daniels (One of the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards Winners 2018)

Some of the designers that will have their work featured will, of course, be Manley and Jenny’s label Edge Only as well as talented designers such as Heidi Higgins, Jill & Gill, Clarkes of Dublin, Niamh Daniels Scarves, Electronic Sheep, QBU, Jane Darcy, Madigan, Maria Dorai Raj, Tonn, Yvonne Ryan, FAO Millinery, Laura Chambers Cashmere, Ail + El, Capulet & Montague, Laura Kinsella, Theo + George, The Ethical Silk Company and many many more.

Bloss - Showing the best of Irish Design
From the Bloss Instagram Page

The store itself is also quite simple yet effective in its design. It is all about the pieces that it is showcasing and each designer has space to properly show their work. The attention to detail that the designers have put into this store is fantastic and no doubt will lead to many people finding the piece that they will love and care for and then hand down generation to generation.

Bloss - Showing the best of Irish Design

The store is open now and through till January and personally, I can’t wait to go in and immerse myself in truly exquisite pieces. You can follow Bloss on Instagram here (I love their stories!) as well as Facebook, and the run don’t walk to the store which can be found on Level 1, Unit 48 (former GANT store to the right of Harvey Nichols/Five Guys), Pembroke District, Dundrum Town Centre, Sandyford Road, Dundrum, Dublin 16!


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