Brown Thomas Beauty Blossoms Garden Pop Up Floralesque

Last weekend I attended the Beauty Blossoms Garden Pop-Up that is currently on the third floor of Brown Thomas, Grafton Street in Dublin. I was shopping on the Brown Thomas website when I seen that they had a ‘What’s On’ section and was intrigued. Brown Thomas actually holds quite a few events around the country in their stores and some look amazing! This Pop-Up was one of them and I had to go, the event itself is described on their website as;

“Experience the latest in the world of skincare, essential beauty and nail care with our special Beauty Blossoms Garden exclusive to our Dublin store. A special pop-up to celebrate our Beauty Blossoms Events, visit the garden on Level 3 to try out new products, paint your nails, apply make-up and even have your hair dry styled by one of our beauty team”.

When I walked in I was greeted by a very friendly staff member came straight over and told me about the event and did I want any beauty treatments. There were options available such as dry hair styling, getting your nails painted, getting your make up, skin consultations and hand massages. Each used different brands and differing brands are being used on different days including Clarins, Molton Brown, MAC, la prairie, Charlotte Tilbury and Chanel but to name a few.

Floralesque Brown Thomas Beauty Blossoms Garden Pop Up displays
Some of the displays at the Pop-Up

It was the skincare that I was most interested in as since I have passed the big 30 I am trying to up my skincare routine and take good care of my skin. Clarins was the skincare brand that was being used and I was delighted as I love their Multi-active moisturizer (as it is one of the few that I have found that also shields against daily pollution).

Since that counter was busy I was offered a hand massage with Molton Brown. And it was amazing!! It is the manager of the concession stand that gave me the hand massage and it was so relaxing. She used the Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise Body Lotion followed by a spray of Honeysuckle & White Tea eau de toilette. They have changed the formula of the eau de toilette and it now apparently lasts 6-8 hours! It was such a treat and a great way to try out new products from an expert.

Floralesque Brown Thomas Beauty Blossoms Garden Pop Up

Then it was onto the Clarins section and Ksenia was the amazing woman who treated me to some fantastic tips and tricks on how better to look after my skin. We discussed my current skin issues and what I wanted from my skin care routine. What I took most from the session was that I should be pressing my moisturiser and eye cream into my skin and not dragging my skin by rubbing them in! I do press my neck cream into my neck and décolletage since listening to Debbie McVicar (also from Clarins! at this event, but not with my facial moisturiser. The reason being that by pressing the cream in it absorbs directly in, rather than dragging across the skin and not being absorbed in all places and with eye creams to pat in an outwards direction towards your lymph nodes. What was also interesting is the amount of cream that she recommended using – about two thirds less than I would normally. It is certainly something that I will try out in the next few weeks to see if it makes a difference.

NutriBullet Brown Thomas Beauty Blossoms Garden Pop Up Floralesque

Apart from the skincare, they also had some healthy drink options – there was a display with smoothie options and you could also taste a green smoothies and you know how much I love my Nutribullet.

Brown Thomas Beauty Blossoms Garden Pop Up Floralesque purchases

I may also have made two purchases based on the recommendations from Ksenia. The first is a new eye cream – the eye contour gel and also the instant light lip comfort oil. I am always looking for my holy grail eye cream so I love trying new ones, and the reason for the lip oil was because of how honest Ksenia was – she said that yes it was sticky when you first put it on but then it dries to a non-sticky texture. I don’t like when someone only says the good sides of a product – if someone is honest about the downsides as well then I am more likely to purchase.

The Pop-Up is running from now until the 8th of March and well worth the pop in if you want a treat and to try out some new brands. If you would like more information on their schedule – try calling them direct on (0)1 605 6666.


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