Caring for your hair brush & my top brushes

This may sound like a little bit of an odd topic to talk about but for some reason, dirty hair brushes and ones with hair stuck on them (yuck), really get to me. So today I wanted to share some super simple tips on how to keep your hair brushes clean.

Since your hair is something that everyone sees each day I do think that it is worth investing in good brushes and not just cheap and cheerful ones (though they can be handy for travel). And therefore I would like to keep them in good condition so that they last longer and are more of an investment than a throwaway item. I don’t spend a fortune on brushes – just not a €1 per brush either.

And another reason that I keep my brushes clean is that I really don’t think that pulling a dirty brush through clean hair helps keep your hair clean! I generally clean mine every two weeks – that may not be perfect but when I clean my makeup brushes I also do my hairbrushes at the same time and that works for me and it seems like less of a chore.

Cleaning your brushes

  • After you brush your hair – if there are any loose hairs in your brush, just simply remove them and dump
  • Make cleaning your hairbrushes a routine – I clean mine straight after my makeup brushes and this means it doesn’t seem like a massive chore
  • To clean them and get rid of hairspray, oils etc. stuck to your brush – I use lukewarm water and a clarifying shampoo to clean
  • Always let your hairbrush dry naturally
  • The ‘guidelines’ are to replace your brushes every 6 months – but I use some of mine for years and they do last when I look after them

The brushes that I use on a day to day basis are:

  • Tangle teaser for after the shower – link, though I do love this one
  • Wet brush either for after the shower or if I have had an uneasy sleep and my head is a bed of tangles! – link
  • Paddle brush for just normal brushing – link
  • Classic small handbag brush – link, I absolutely love this brush and have had it for years!!
  • Easilocks Copper Barrel brush for blow drying – link

Well, there you go – a simple how to list of keeping your brushes clean and my public service announcement done for today 😛

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Nothing to declare and no affiliates – just a load of brush talk 🙂 


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