Cashmere Care with Designer Lucy Nagle

When I recently interviewed Lucy Nagle on Floralesque, which you can read here, I asked her about how to look after your cashmere pieces. To me, if you buy a beautiful item made of cashmere you are investing in the piece, and therefore, will want to look after it properly and take care of it so that it lasts for many years. Lucy kindly shared some great and practical tips which I want to share with you today!

When you purchase from Lucy Nagle her cashmere is one of the finest natural fibres in the world and is combed from the finest undercoat of the Mongolian Goats. Knitwear made from this precious and delicate fibre is luxurious to wear but requires a little more care and attention than other fibres.  Cashmere will improve with age if cared for properly.

Pilling on the garment

After wearing your new cashmere garment for the first few times you may find small balls of fibre forming on the surface. These smalls balls or ‘pills’ are caused by some of the loose fibre tangling together as areas of your garment are rubbed during wear. Pills can be easily removed by hand or by using a cashmere comb, available from here.

Washing Instructions

Cashmere Knitwear can be hand washed or dry cleaned. Lucy recommends hand washing frequently following these simple guidelines:

  • Soak garment in luck warm water using a cashmere shampoo or a similar mild detergent.
  • Squeeze suds gently through fabric – do not rub, wring or stretch the garment.
  • Rinse thoroughly but carefully in clean lukewarm water.
  • Saturated garments should not be lifted before the excess water has been gently squeezed out, as they may stretch. A short, light spin in a washing machine will remove most of the water.
  • Smooth the garment back into original shape and place flat on a towel – dry naturally away from direct heat such as radiators or sunlight. Do not tumble dry.
  • When dry, press lightly with a cool iron.

Thanks to Lucy for sharing these practical tips and hopefully, if you follow these instructions, your beautiful cashmere pieces will last for years to come. And if you are looking to invest then I do think Lucy Nagle Cashmere should be your first stop!

All images kindly provided by Lucy for use.


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