Christmas Bucket List

At the start of 2016 I did many Bucket Lists and really enjoyed having a focus to start the year off well. As the year continued they fell slightly to the side on Floralesque, however in real life I went back to sticking them on my dressing room mirror each month. However, after talking to some people who read my blog – they all mentioned that they enjoyed the bucket lists and it gave them some inspiration for things to do. So the Bucket lists are back, and what better one to start with – Christmas!!

Christmas Bucket List

I have also decided to take Christmas off this year. I already have time booked off from my day job but this year I intend to take time off blogging as well. I am aware that the holiday break is a time when many other bloggers will cram to get posts pre-written or get more posts live as they have time off their day jobs. But this year I want to prioritise spending time with my friends and loved ones.  I don’t want my precious time at home overshadowed by me being stuck on my laptop.

Over the past two weeks, I have taken a slight step back on my Instagram and Twitter to enjoy more Christmas festivities and just focused on Facebook. It has been like a holiday in itself and has also made me excited to get back posting on Instagram and connecting with people on Twitter in the New Year – sometimes a mini-break can really get back that enthusiasm. I have really enjoyed the build up to Christmas this year and am looking forward to the time off. Sometimes the actual time spent with family at Christmas can fly by too quickly – so this year I fully intend enjoy and immerse myself in all things festive.

I hope that everyone has the most amazing Christmas time with your loved ones. And I am aware that Christmas is not the favourite time of year for some people but remember that time too will pass. I will be back next week with an exciting preview of the COS SS17 collections.


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