Floralesque gift guideOkay so I know that everyone has done Christmas Gift Guides, however I LOVE looking at gift guides – they can give you great ideas for items that you may not have thought of or it may spark that light bulb moment that an item is just perfect for someone! So these items are ones that have caught my eye recently that I think could be good Christmas gifts – they vary in cost as I don’t buy just expensive or inexpensive gifts – I prefer a mix.

I have decided against giving you full, in-dept thoughts on each item as some of these items I have never used and I don’t want to mis-lead anyone. I think it better to give you the links and then you can make up your own minds on the items. If anyone would like my thoughts on any item then please let me know and I will let definitely go into detail 🙂 So here is my Christmas Gift Guide for her!

Some cute bits & bobs

  1. Super cute Topshop Unicorn Slippers €16
  2. Kate Spade New York : All in Good Taste Book – I have another of her books and love them €25.58
  3. Adorable little Ban.Do Porcelain Catch all to hold all her sparkly pieces €28
  4. A brilliant little Fujifilm Instax Camera to take with her to all her Christmas Events €104.99

Health & Beauty

  1. My favourite beauty tool – the Clarasonic Mia in Pink €149
  2. The Pippa for Blank Canvas Pallet €34.95
  3. This Works I Have A Dream Set €110
  4. Jo Malone – The House of Jo Malone London Limited Edition €165

Hope that you enjoyed this little gift guide – there will be quite a few this week – just time for some last minute shopping!

Please note that all costs exclude shipping and are correct at the time I wrote this piece (I tried to advise full price with no discounts applied).


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