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This year I am again sharing my top picks for Irish Designed and made pieces with you on Floralesque. There are many gift guides on the web for the high street retailers that I am delighted to focus on pieces made and created in Ireland. 

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I am going to share a little about the brands and all images are shopable if you want to click through. Hopefully, you will find some wonderful pieces for some friends and family – and make sure to browse the designer’s full shops as there are so many beautiful pieces available.

Martina Hamilton

Martina Hamilton Shore Pendent

Martina is a designer whose pieces I have been a fan of for as long as I can remember. As a teenager, I was always delighted if I received one of her pieces as a present, and then as I have matured my taste has also, but her work has still appeals to me. She creates the most beautiful work and I love that there is a story behind each one. It really makes you feel as though you connect with the piece. If you would like to learn more about the designer, you can click here to read a previous interview that we have done with her. Click here

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Bláithín Ennis

Irish Designed Gift Guide - Jewellery Floralesque


Bláithín’s unique pieces caught my eye over two years ago and since then I am always intrigued by her work. She has the most wonderful way with metals and her work is very much contemporary in design. Her rare and unpredictable approach to material manipulation is something that makes her pieces a truly unique gift. She has also been interviewed on Floralesque and if you would like to learn more about the process you can click hereClick here to go to her website.

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Capulet & Montague

Capulet & Montague fringed bayer neck piece


Lisa described her collection as progressing and evolving and that is certainly a great description of her work. I love the materials that she uses and the colours that she works togeather. She uses very unusual materials to create modern and chic pieces that are very eye catching and would be the perfect gift for those who love to stand out with a statement piece. Click here to go to her website.

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Irish Designed Gift Guide - Jewellery FloralesqueThe only way that I can describe the jewellery that Chupi creates is magical. She has a way with metal and precious stones that results in beautiful creations that I think everyone would love to wake up to on Christmas morning. My favourite previously was always the feather collection but the luxurious Sun, Moon & Stars collection has taken my breath away. The pieces are inspired by those wonderful lines by E.E. Cummings “You are my sun, my moon and all my stars”, to serve as a reminder that you are perfect just as you are – I mean just wow! Click here to go to her website.

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Edge Only

Edge Only Flat Top Lightning Bolt PendantJenny the talent behind the Edge Only brand has managed to curate a quality jewellery collection that is edgy and casual at the same time. This was no mean feat and Jenny has created such a unique brand using precious metals that I think those who want to wear precious metals and be understated this would suit them perfectly. You can learn more about the brand that has me obsessing over a lightning bolt necklace here, I can many beaming faces on Christmas morning for those lucky enough to get a piece of her collection. Click here to go to her website.

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Juvi Designs

Juvi Designs SS17 Coral CollectionI adore gemstones as I think that add a sense of personalisation to a jewellery piece and if there is one brand that I always go back to for such pieces it is Juvi Designs. At this stage I own 3-4 pieces and I love the delicatness of their appearance yet striking impact. A piece for there collection would certainly make the most beautiful stock filler or as I am hoping the most wonderful under the tree Christmas gift. You can also read our exciting interview with the designer here, to learn more about the design process. Click here to go to her website.

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Lost Forest


When I first saw Lost Forest at the RDS National Craft & Design Fair in 2016 I was literally bowled over with the stunning pieces that Gillian had created on display. They are unlike anything that I have seen in the past and are breathtakingly beautiful. They are timeless, elegant and I think are something that you would also pass down to the next generation. They would make the most beautiful pieces and if you would like to learn more about the pieces and the inspiration behind them – click here to read more. Click here to go to her website.


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 Lynsey DeBurca

Interview with Irish Designer Lynsey De Burca


When I saw the Lynsey was using lava as a material in her pieces I was instantly intrigued. It was quite a unique twist on handcrafted jewellery and one that we explored more here. For the person who ‘has everything’, or those who love something a little more unusual a piece from Lynsey’s line might be just perfect. She also does work in Sterling Silver but it was certainly the lava that caught my eye. Click here to go to her website.

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Mairead de Blaca

Mairead deBlaca Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - GoldMairead is a designer whose work has featured time and time and time again on Floralesque. Something in her pieces just speaks to me and I love the stories and inspiration behind her work which we spoke about when I interviewed her (you can read that here). I love her I am Dreaming collection especailly and I think that if have someone in your life who loves understated elegance then a piece from Mairead deBlaca may be just what you are looking for. Click here to go to her website.


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Melissa Curry

Melissa Curry MC SS Pop

There is no way that you cannot love Melissa’s work. The bright colours, powerful statements and fun aesthetic to many of her pieces just draws you in and always edges me to put a confident foot forward. When influential women such as Michelle Obama and Catherine Middleton are fans of the brand you can be nearly guaranteed that anyone who received a piece of  her eye-catching pieces would certainly fall in love with them. Click here to go to her website.


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TRIONA Irish WeatherTriona is a relative newcomer to the Irish Designer landscape but has firmly landed on her feet. Triona herself has been a strong advocate for Irish design and buying local when running her blog Modafix and it is great to see her now succeeding in a career that she has been so passionate about (you can read more here). She is very much staying local and to the heart with her designs – her first collections seen her use shells from Sligo and then her limited edition There’s No Place Like Home piece she used a piece of delicate, filigreed lichen reindeer moss. Personally, my favourite piece of hers is the little raindrop. Click here to go to her website.

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