Christmas Gift Guide Irish Handmade Gifts Floralesque 2015As you may remember on my last Irish Made Gift ideas Post – there are just so many talented Irish Designers and crafters out there that I just have to do another post (or maybe two) on suggestions for what to buy from local talent. This post will feature Irish made clothing and bags. I hope you enjoy and if you have any suggestions then please comment below.

I have one absolutely fantastic Sligo Design Company to mention and that is The Atlantic Equipment Project. Ashleigh Smith is the amazing designer behind the brand and having met her in person I can honestly say her passion and love for her designs and products are inspiring. She does amazing tote bags which are really well made but also they look fashionable. But my favourite piece is the below – it’s the Duck Canvas Rolltop Backpack – And the description is just delightful; “This pack fits a 15” laptop nicely, along with all the other kit necessary for a goose chase down the coast or a hike round the hill”. These really well made stunning bags can be purchased from her website and also from The Cat and The Moon.

Floralesque Christmas Gift Guide 2015 Ashleigh Smith The Atlantic Equipment Project

Next up is from a Galway based designer -Ciara Silke. She does the most amazing silk scarves that are just stunning and will add a touch of glam and class to any outfit.  She has completed three collections and they are truly beautifully feminine. There is a considerable collection on her website however the light grey one below is my favourite, I like the subtle colours and this would suit most people and make a great gift for most of the women out there.


Emma Manley is a designer that is just going from strength to strength and I have no doubt that in the next few years will be one if Ireland’s best know designers. I adore this Maya Leather Tee that is just beautifully made and also currently on sale. There are many other items available on her website and this is certainly one to take the time to browse through.

Emma Manley

A classic gift for those over seas perhaps in colder climates (which could be us this Winter!) is the much loved Aran Jumper! There is a reason that these are so popular – they are in fact quite stylish and functional. Generally they are made with Merino wool and the designs are reminiscent of the Aran Islands.  You can read about their history here. Please keep mind that you don’t have to buy the traditional jumper style that you have seen – there are also more modern versions – still created to the highest quality but updated slightly. Though I do really like a man in a more traditional Aran Jumper 🙂

Aine_Hoody_Natural_ Aran Jumper Floralesque Gift Guide
A modern Twist on the Traditional Aran Jumper
Traditional Aran Jumper Floralesque Christmas Gift Guide
The more traditional Aran Jumper


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