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When I was redesigning my blog I went back through all of my content and one thing that struck me was the amount of interviews that we have done in the past (very fast!) year. As part of the redesign I split up the interviews into categories and I love that I can now easily find them.

I also realized that there is no listing or place to see who has been interviewed for Floralesque and then the ‘Interview Directory‘ was born 🙂 On the page/directory you can find links to all of the interviews done to date and the listing will be updated when new interviews are published.  They are all split into their categories with the exception of ‘Designers‘ which I have split into Established and Emerging. I love supporting both successful designers, designers starting out and also those who have just graduated from college.

When you look at the work of say Dearbhaile Joyce, Jade Reidy or Kyree Forrest the talent that is emerging from Ireland is just mind-blowing. I also love the feeling of excitement that comes with just graduating from college or releasing a first collection – it’s palpable throughout the interview and you can’t help but share their dreams of success.

There have also been some amazing established designers featured on Floralesque like Don O’Neill, Emma Manley, Rebecca Marsden and Bláithín Ennis but to name a few and hearing their stories of their careers to date are just so inspiring. I also love hearing about their inspirations – they are so talented and pull their inspiration from so many different places that it is always fascinating.

Although my blog does incorporate other things like beauty, travel, blogging tips etc., the interviews are what I find most interesting to do with designers/craftspeople/bloggers/entrepreneurs and I really do hope that you enjoy reading them. If there is anyone that you would love to hear more about please just drop me a note – I am always on the look out for who to interview and feature on Floralesque.

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