Cozy in Spring KnitwearWhen it comes to this time of year and the weather is getting just a little better, I love to shop for light knitwear. Knitwear, in my opinion, is certainly not just for Autumn/Winter and there are some beautiful pieces in stores right now.

I love a really light, slightly fitted knit for this time of year, something that you can easily layer with if needed. I still think that a crisp white shirt under a sweater can be so stylish and help you look polished even if you have just rolled out of bed! And if very cold, you could always pair it with a polo-neck for some warmth.

There are also so many stunning patterns to choose from that you can really put your own stamp on it and again this is a trend where you can spend a little or a lot. Personally, I think that stripes will be big this season and the one below from Chinti and Parker is bang on trend. I will say that this is somewhere that I would spend a little more on a more basic, classic piece, as if you look after your garment, knitwear can be timeless. You can read the cashmere care guide that Lucy Nagle shared with us here.

Irish Designed Knitwear

There are two Irish Designers in particular that I want to mention and would recommend that you check out before going to the high street. The first is Lucy Nagle whose Star print I think now is well known the Island over. And the second is Caroline Mitchell, her pieces are just stunning and timeless.  We have featured both of them on Floralesque before – Lucy here and Caroline here

These are my Top 10 Picks for knitwear this Spring:

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