A Delicious Dairy & Gluten Free Birthday

In the past when I thought of dairy free or gluten free cakes I would not get too excited about them. I had not found one that was delicious and just as good as the dairy gluten-filled cakes that I have enjoyed. Well, all that changed when I tasted a cake from Pineapple Ninja Creations! 

It was my fiance’s mum’s 60th a couple of week’s ago and his mum is both dairy intolerance and also has an intolerance to gluten. And to be honest we struggled as to where to get a cake. We wanted one that she would remember and that tasted delicious and not of well cardboard. And we debated for ages on what to get and where to get it from, and it was then that the brainwave came to try Pineapple Ninja Creations for a cake.

I have known Anita, the talent behind Pineapple Ninja Creations since I was about 10 years old (and you may remember her being featured here) so I couldn’t believe that she wasn’t the first person that I thought of! She herself has food intolerances and have followed her on Instagram for years I know that she has worked hard to make food delicious. And she did not let us down with the cake.

His mum loves chocolate so we decided to go with her mouth watering Chocolate Overdose cake! First impressions do count, and everyone’s first reaction was WOW when they saw the cake. Each slice was like a little slice of delectable goodness – it was delicious and didn’t taste like your normal dairy and gluten-free cake. In fact, no one could quite believe that it wasn’t just a normal chocolate cake!!

A Delicious Dairy & Gluten Free Birthday

The cake was perfectly moist, intensely decadent and the flavour was absolutely scrumptious. It was unlike any dairy free or gluten free cake that I had ever tasted, in fact, it tasted much better than some of the ‘normal’ chocolate cakes that I am used to. It had a delicious layer of thick homemade chocolate fudge icing around the entire cake (and there was no scrimping on the icing let me tell you!) and then was topped with shards of a bittersweet dark chocolate and a magical dusting of cocoa.

His mum absolutely loved the cake and I have no doubt we will be ordering more cakes from Anita in the future as they tick the intolerance food boxes but also pass the taste test. It was certainly the highlight of the weekend and when we were leaving everyone was still talking about the cake. No one had ever had a cake that was dairy free and gluten free and that still tasted good and that had people going back for seconds. I personally would highly recommend checking out Pineapple Ninja Creations here on Facebook – hands down just scrumptious.

I paid for the cake in full, images kindly provided for use by Pineapple Ninja Creations.



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