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Fiona Dillon & Nicola Carolan aka The Naked Blondie

A few weeks ago I went to an event held by Fiona Dillon & Nicola Carolan aka The Naked Blondie which was held in the beautiful, boutique Victorian style hotel that is Ariel House in Dublin. Firstly I have to say that I have never been so warmly welcomed into a hotel before – the staff were amazing.

To give you a little background on the two ladies themselves…

Fiona Dillon is a very inspirational woman who came back from losing it all to launch her book “Food from an Irish Garden” and also the Freddie Buttons series which is turning into quite the best seller! What I love abut Fiona is that she really believes that anyone can grow their own vegetables in their back garden or even on your window sill. I love when I go home to Sligo that often we will have our own grown potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes etc. as hand on heart they are much tastier. Fiona’s website is realistic on how to grow vegetables yourself – it is not full of over photo-shopped, staged images and she even has her own bees and pigs in her garden!

Nicola Carolan aka The Naked Blondie is someone who is an inspiration to anyone who needs the motivation to lose weight or change their lives. She joined Slimming World and the rest as they say is history – this lady really rocks it and will motivate you to eat right!

The Naked Blondie
Just in case you didn’t believe me – here is one of Nicola’s before and after pics! WOW

The event itself was very enjoyable and the ladies were so easy to listen to! I thought that I would just share some points that were shared on the day with us;

  • Life is for living – have you accept that you need to change or else nothing ever will change
  • You need to choose the good option – in all areas of life – from food, to work to your friends. This in turn will lead to new habits and therefore a more positive lifestyle
  • If you do want something in life then you do need to make a sacrifice – for Nicola that was junk food and alcohol. You may need to break a lifelong habit in order to achieve your goal.
  • For weight loss – batch cook foods, know your healthier options, know your back up foods if you come in late from work. Clear the junk from your cupboards – if it’s not there then you can’t eat it.
  • SLEEP MORE. Some improvements are easier to do; 1. Sleep more 2. Walk more 3. Drink more water.
  • We need to stop being so hard on ourselves – and you need to learn to love yourself.
Vegetable Platter
Some of the amazing food that we snacked on – all healthy of course!

The ladies will be organizing more events and if you are in need of some inspiration then I would advise you to pop along.  And I also must mention – we were given some lovely treats at the end of the evening from SlimValley Foods, Glenisk Foods, Waxperts, Irish Country Magazine and Wild Irish Foragers & Preservers.

Foodie Goodie Bag, Glenisk, Brennans Bread, Slim Valley Fresh Foods

I also would like to do a quick shout out to the other blogger that was there – Melissa from the Glen house. She cooks some of the most amazing cakes so I would def. say to pop over to her blog and also pop over to her Facebook page to give it a like.

And I will leave you with one of Nicola’s most inspiring lines from the night… “For the first time in my life I don’t want to be anyone else“.


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