Elemis BioTec Facial Experience Floralesque

Facials are something that I know I should get more often, love them when I get them and then forget to go regularly. Until now no facial has ever had the impact on my skin that would make me want to rebook back in. Elemis has changed all that. Elemis as a brand is one that I always go back for it’s high-quality products that smell just delicious but also really work. The Biotec facial has taken their skin care to another level, and I am excited to share this treatment with you.

I was invited to go to the beautiful Spirit One Spa at the Radisson Blue Hotel & Spa, Galway to be treated to one of their new Biotec Facials, and I have to say that I left with physical changes to my skin – my skin was fuller, softer and my eyes looked more awake. So what was so special about this facial? Well, I have to say it was certainly the Biotec technology and I found it so relaxing.

What is a Biotec Facial?

The Biotec technology is a machine that helps the facialist bridge the gap between a medical machine based treatment and a more traditional hands-on facial. Elemis were careful not to lose the hands-on approach that they are known for but still managed to more forward technology wise. Amanda our fab trainer on the day says that people have more ‘instant’ results using this treatment than any other non-medical treatments. The Biotec machine has five technologies and does eight different types of facials. The fabulous five are Ultrasonic Peel, LED Light Therapy, Galvanic Current, Microcurrent and Oxygen Infusion.

Elemis BioTec Facial Experience Floralesque
Image Credit: Radisson Blue, Galway

The Biotec Technologies:

  1. Ultrasonic – There are very small quartz ceramic head plates that glide over the skin and helps to de-clog and resurface the skin. This is very stimulating and gets skin back functioning at an optimum level.
  2. LED Light Therapy – There are two lights used (1) Red – this stimulates collagen and helps banish fine lines and then (2) a blue LED light that is antibacterial and can help bring down inflammation and help acne prone skin. This has previously won Glamour’s best Facial Award.
  3. Galvanic Current – This is a roller ball treatment with positive and negative currents. It is designed to prevent water loss and pushes the active product further into the skin. A hydrogel mask is an important part of this treatment.
  4. Microcurrent – The facialist uses a two-pronged probe (which I realise does sound quite X-Files but is certainly not!) 🙂 This helps ageing skin to tone, firm and lift. It can help sagging at the jawbone and eyeline, and with this, you start at a low level then over a number of months you can build up to a higher level of treatment as you re-educate your facial muscles.
  5. Oxygen Infusion – This is my favourite from all of the treatments. It is an oxygen burst for the skin. It literally just pumps oxygen into your skin and is good for fine lines and plumping wrinkles.

Pre-treatment Relaxing

The Spirit One Spa at the Radisson Blue Hotel & Spa itself is like stepping out of the city into a relaxing oasis. They have the most relaxing thermal suite which has an array of different relaxation rooms situated within it. Before and after my facial I was given the option to try out the thermal suite which I was delighted to do. My personal favourites of the suite were the Heated Relaxation Loungers to read a magazine on (absolute heaven!) and the Sabia Med which is an indoor ‘beach’ with sand that takes you through a meditative dawn to dusk light cycle to really relax you. The staff were all so friendly and helpful that it was lovely just talking to the girls at reception.

Elemis BioTec Facial Experience Floralesque
The Heated Relaxation Loungers – SO relaxing!

During the treatment

The facial that I received was the Triple-Tec Anti-Wrinkle Facial with an added eye treatment as this is my area of concern. Those dastardly little laughter lines at the outer corner of my eyes! This facial was different to any other that I have received in that your facialist will have a consultation with you first, analyse your skin and then recommend a treatment specifically for your skin. I like that it is not just a one facial fits all situation and that attention to detail and care that my facialist showed won me over.

Firstly my facialist double cleansed my skin and then I received a micro-current treatment, LED light therapy and an oxygen infusion. And there is no need to be worried about an SATC Samantha post-peel reaction – I just had luminous skin. In fact, I experienced no pain or discomfort at all during any of treatments and just felt relaxed. So relaxed in fact that I may have slightly dozed off.

The oxygen infusion treatment was my favourite of the three technologies used. It is a chilled burst of oxygen systematically and evenly done across my face. It just feels lovely and like it is doing something. An important part of the facial is the active serums that they use. No Biotec machine treatment is used on it’s own – they all have their activator serums that are part of the treatment. The facial lasted over an hour and the last step in my treatment was an amazing mask to hydrate my skin. The whole treatment felt so indulgent, and the results physically lasted well over a week afterwards.

Elemis BioTec Facial Experience Floralesque

I was kindly sent home with the Biotec skin energising cleanser and the Biotec skin energising day cream so that I could continue the skincare at home. I have only being used these for the past week but already am in love with the cleanser in the mornings-  so refreshing and my skin is so clean. I will be doing a full review of both products in the next couple of weeks, but so far I have no negatives and the two products do work. I am hoping to treat myself to the night cream as well in the next few weeks as I feel like I could do with the last step in the program to improve my skin.

So, would I recommend it? Definitely! It was the ultimate in skin treatments and was one of the best hours that I have spent on my skin in quite a while. So if you are looking for a new facial to treat your skin to then I would certainly recommend contacting the Spirit One Spa at the Radisson Blue Hotel & Spa, Galway (link) – the staff were so knowledgeable, and it really felt like a 5-star treatment. There is also a separate type of facial for pregnant women and men so they do cater to all.

Even though I was invited to try this Biotec facial, all opinions are my own, and I loved it so much I have already booked another one myself to continue the treatment!



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