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At this time of the year, my skin really suffers. I am sure that I am not the only one whose skin reacts strongly to the cold, bitter winds and decides to just flare up. Luckily I do not suffer from acne but I do suffer from dry skin and some rosacea. My skin was in desperate need of some serious TLC so when Marcia from Seabreeze Beauty clinic contacted me to ask if I wanted to have a treatment I jumped at the chance.

You may remember that last year I attended the Seabreeze Beauty Clinic 16th Birthday last year (you can read about it here) – well at the event I was very impressed with the clinic and certainly wanted to go back. Why? Well, they have super friendly staff, they stock some amazing brands and as daft as it sounds – it is super clean. That is so important to me as I always feel that if a beauty clinic/spa is not immaculate then surely the products being put on your skin during a treatment may not be squeaky clean! But with Seabreeze, they clearly take great pride in their premises and it is welcoming in the best possible way.

When I book in with them I just asked for a facial. I am a firm believer that unless you have a specific need or preference then you should let your facialist decide what your skin needs at the time. And I am so glad that I did!! Dee was my therapist and when we sat to discuss my skin at the start of my treatment,  she could see the dehydration immediately. When I have had skin analysis done in the past, sometimes I have ended up feeling guilty about my skin and all that I should be doing with it. But not with Dee – she certainly pointed out my issue areas, where I am going wrong but then focused solely on what I could do to improve it.

Environ Active Vitamin Treatment Review
Image Credit: Seabreeze Beauty Clinic

She recommended an Environ Active Vitamin Treatment and its focus is hydration. I am new to the Environ brand but it certainly agreed with my skin and post-facial my skin feels plumper, silkier and just better overall. The Environ brand uses medical grade ingredients to target many concerns including fine lines, dehydration, ageing and skin pigmentation.

The Environ Active Vitamin Treatment

The facial actually started with a complimentary back massage! Dee explained that they find by giving someone a back massage it allows the person to relax and forget about the worries outside the door before the treatment begins. This was such an amazing treat as I hold so much tension in my neck that to have this worked on was such a welcome relief. Oh and also did I mention the heated treatment bed? We then talked through what the treatment would involve, the lights dimmed and Dee set to work.

The first stage of this facial after cleansing was to push vitamin treatment gels (most active forms of Vitamin A & C AND Antioxidants)  deep into the lower layers of the skin using sound waves. I had not had this done before but there was no pain just a sound as Dee went over my face and neck. It was actually quite enjoyable and as she worked we talked all things skin care from cosmetic skincare to medical grade to electronic brushes to glycolic acid pads! She was extremely knowledgeable and has a true passion for skin care.

Following on from that, a creamy, clay-like mask was applied to my skin. I opted not to have my eyes and mouth covered as I didn’t know what to expect with it. An electrical current is then put through the mask which feels a little tingly at the start and was left on for about 20 minutes. While I was getting used to the feeling Dee gave me a hand and arm massage which was a lovely distraction. The mask was then peeled off in one piece (in a super satisfying way), and after the facial had finished some Image SPF was applied and I was good to go!

I thoroughly enjoyed the facial and I think the added back massage (along with hand and arm massages!), gave such an added level of luxury to the experience. Having never used Environ products before – I have to say that my skin appeared to really take to them and I am considering trying their step system to see what my skin could look like after staged applications of Vitamin A. When my skin is in good condition it really does make me feel much better in myself, especially since it also generally means that my life is more balanced food and exercise wise as well.

Environ Active Vitamin Treatment Review
And Seabreeze also have an amazing array of products available as well.

If you are looking for an amazing facial or a new clinic to get a massage, your nails done, waxing, a seaweed bath and so much more then I would highly recommend calling Seabreeze Beauty Clinic in Oranmore, Galway to make an appointment! You can check out details of all of their treatments here and they are also on Facebook and Instagram.

This was a not paid for collaboration with Seabreeze Beauty Clinic and ITWBN, all opinions are my own.


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