Fashion And Textiles Museum to stage Anna Sui Retrospective

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The Fashion & Textile Museum is fast becoming one of my favourite museums in London when it comes to fashion exhibits. As you may remember from this post from January they held a breathtaking Missoni exhibition in 2016, well next month from 26th May they are staging an Anna Sui Retrospective exhibition. I for one am certainly on the countdown for this one.

To celebrate the brand’s 25th anniversary Ann Sui is holding a retrospective exhibition.  The American designer is someone who I have admired for many years and this exhibition titled, ‘The World of Anna Sui’,  will feature over 100 iconic looks from her archives so should be very impressive. Since her first catwalk show in 1991 she has created garments, textiles, accessories and so much more so is quite the well-rounded designer.

When speaking to Vogue, the designer says of the mood of the exhibition, “optimistic, inspirational, fun, eclectic, celebratory” (link), and it all in all just sounds fab. The themes covered in the retrospective will include; bohemian, goth, punk and rock. The showcase excitingly will also include mood boards, sketches, runway images and photographs. And for those devotees – it will also showcase some of her infamous babydoll dresses from her 1994 collection.

This is quite groundbreaking and also exciting for those interested in fashion, as it is the first time an American designer has been the focus of a retrospective exhibition in the UK (link). The exhibition will start on 26 May and then run until 01 October 2017 and you can book tickets here.

If the Missoni exhibition is anything to go by – this will be one not to be missed, and I for one will certainly be flying over. And I may just go to this Balenciaga exhibition on the same weekend 🙂


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