February Bucket List

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January felt like such a long month but I accomplished a lot during the month even if I posted less regularly on Floralesque. February is looking like a busy month so my bucket list will be shorter than normal. There is no point in making an unachievable list.

With regards my January Bucket list – it was mostly successful. It was a busy month and I was also without WiFi for most of the month which was stressful but I still liked going back and trying to tick off items from my January Bucket List!

  1. Do a deep clear out of my wardrobe  – done! This was quite successful and I had about 4 bags for charity at the end of it as well as some items to sell on my DePop.
  2. Update workout wardrobe – done! Next have some amazing bits in at the moment so I have picked up these also these.
  3. No fizzy drinks !! – for the most part yes – I think I had about 2 cans of coke so not too bad.
  4. Put away Christmas tree lights neatly – done! And super proud of this one. All the Christmas decorations are put away nice and neatly this year (for the first time ever) so should be easy to take down next year.
  5. Start to re-read Harry Potter – Fail. I didn’t even start this one as didn’t get a chance to buy the series.
  6. Do a social media clean up – done and you can read about it here.
  7. Set up my 2017 Project Life scrapbook – done and I am just about to order my first batches of Photos from 2017
  8. Swim 3 times a week – done and I feel much better for it
  9. Cook one new recipe – fail but I did meal prep dinners for each week
  10. Clean up photos on my laptop – done! And now all are saved per year

And these are my bucket list items for this month:

February Bucket List



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