February Bucket ListSo last month I shared my January Bucket List – a list of different things that I wanted to do throughout the month of January – so here is how I got on…

  1. Organise the Apps on my iphone. This one was a success. When I was writing My Top Health & Fitness Apps post I also organised my Apps. I grouped them into similar categories and then the most used ones are on my homepage.
  2. Cook a new recipe in my new slow cooker – Success – Here
  3. Read One Book – I read The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. This was a book that I could not put down and was an easy way to get back into the habit of reading. I think that reading a book a month will be on every bucket list as it’s so relaxing and I love getting lost in a great story.
  4. Blog 3 times a week – I have managed to keep this up all month and have even started to get more into health and fitness. It’s a slow process as I do not want to get over whelmed and not be able to keep it up but I am feeling SO much better about consistency compared to how I did at the start of January.
  5. Take a 24 hour digital detox – This was a fail. To be honest the month just flow by and I didn’t get to this so it is rolling into February.
  6. No Fizzy drinks – almost a success. I had one can of coke on a Saturday evening when we were watching Netflix and you know what it was very sweet. It didn’t make me crave any more cans of coke which I was happy with but a little disappointed that I didn’t succeed in this one.
  7. Do a 10k bike ride – I cycled into work during the last week in January (the bucket list was keeping me going!) and although I may have had a slightly sore behind I am delighted that I completed this. I intend to try  and cycle more as it’s actually faster than driving and I feel fresher when I get into work
  8. Get a facial – Success and my skin feels so much better even in these January storms
  9. Set up my Project Life Scrapbook for 2016. Success and I have some blog posts planned to share my love of scrapbooking with you – scrapbooking is a great way to keep mementos from the day to day as well as big holidays/events and I would advise you to check out Lily’s video here for a more laid back intro. into Project Life.
  10. Write old fashioned letters to 2 of my friends – written but not sent – I just have not gotten into the post office yet. In 2016 I am determined to send birthday cards on time and I also want to keep writing letters – it’s much more fun than email!!

Here is my February Bucket List

February Bucket List Floralesque Blog

I would certainly suggest that you try creating a monthly bucket list to keep yourself on track – it’s fun and helps keep you focused. I am really looking forward to this month!


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