First Look COS Autumn Winter 2018The COS Autumn Winter collection is stunning and tailored and just timeless. As always, there are some key pieces that really stand out but overall the collection is beautiful in its rawness.

As you may have noticed I share pieces from COS quite regularly on Floralesque and there is a very simple reason for this – quality tailoring that is accessible. The high streets are flooded with fast fashion pieces where you can pick up a t-shirt or dress for a couple of Euros. But how long will that t-shirt or dress last you? Will it transition through the seasons? Will you be able to wear it next year?

First Look COS Autumn Winter 2018

I find that with COS you can buy classic and timeless pieces that are well tailored and that can be worn from one year to the next. They are not trend driven like much of the rest of the high street (where the trends move so fast sometimes you can miss them!), the pieces that I have purchased from COS are classic and look beautiful year after year.

While you will not find a dress for a couple of Euro, what you will find is a dress that costs a little more but looks more expensive. The feel of the fabrics will be luxurious and they will last you year after year when you look after them. And that for me is why I shop in COS.

First Look COS Autumn Winter 2018Interestingly, the collection was shot by renowned art photographer Viviane Sassen in Sweden. And I love the green and outdoor feel to the imagery, the entire collection just ‘fits’ with the landscape. And as COS describe the collection; ‘…an innovative collection that takes inspiration from juxtapositions in the environment, engineered elements and processes which refine the raw…’. 

The COS collection will be in stores from August.


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