Second time lucky with Crossfit?
The Ultimate Inspiration – Twice Crossfit Games Winner Katrin Davidsdottir is just amazing. In 2017, Davidsdottir won both events on Day 2 at the East Regional.

So you may now know that I am newly engaged and like many other people before me I have decided to go on an all out lifestyle change. Quite the cliche I know, but for some reason, since I have been making small changes towards a better lifestyle (you may remember my article about giving up sugar here and kettlebells here), this doesn’t feel as dramatic and I am excited about it.

I was wondering about how best to get ‘fit’ for my wedding day? .And the more I thought about it the less excited I was about going to the gym. To be honest the gym just bores the absolute pants off me and I have never managed to put up with the boredom for too long for it to actually make a real difference. I had great success with training with Jess (which you can read about here), but sadly, since I do not drive her studio is a little too far for me to go to. I would highly recommend contacting Jess though if you are looking for a PT, as she is just hands down awesome and I had some great results and managed to maintain them which is even better! Plus, I am back regularly swimming as a result of the PT sessions and I love it.

Second time lucky with Crossfit?
Chest-to-bar pull-ups – one can dream of doing them right?

But I wanted something different, and Crossfit just kept popping into my head. I had tried it before over 2 years ago (you can read about it here), but again it was too far to go to regularly and I knew deep down that if it was difficult to get to then I wouldn’t keep it up! And that is exactly what happened, I went to a few classes and then sadly didn’t go again.

And then in steps Limitless Health Crossfit.  You can do a free taster class and I decided to bite the bullet and see if I wanted to join. I had nothing to lose and I could always leave if I hated it. The box is also only about 15 minutes from my work so no excuses. But it turns out that Nathy the gym owner is massively into ‘scaling’ the workouts to your own ability and although I was very intimidated, weirdly I left feeling like I had accomplished something after the class. And also it didn’t seem like a completely dreadful thought to go back to another session.

So I have signed up for their Crossfit Fundamentals Course, and we will see how it goes. I think I just wanted to share this as I am sure I am not the only one that jumps from this class to that class and back again, and this gym to that gym etc. etc. and I think it is a case of just finding what works for you. Hopefully, Crossfit works for me this time… 🙂

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