FLORALESQUE IS GOING TO LONDON FASHION WEEK!So I have some very exciting news to share with you this bright Friday morning – I am off to London Fashion Week! I am beyond excited at the chance to go to a show in LFW and it has been a dream of mine for so many years that now since it is actually happening I can’t quite believe it.

House of iKons  is based on the unique concept, celebrating the new generation of global fashion talent. They are known for showcasing emerging designers who have then gone on to great success (for example Boy Penda House of iKons designer became in house designer for Louis Vuitton!) and I am delighted to be there as media at the shows. I can’t believe that I will actually be part of the media covering the event – this is just so exciting.

FLORALESQUE IS GOING TO LONDON FASHION WEEK!This September House of iKons will pay tribute to one of the biggest iKonic music legends the world has loved, experienced and lost…. PRINCE. TV channels involved BritRox on Sky TV, will be airing the show to 400million viewers world wide in over 76 countries.

“Ethos of the company is to give a platform to the next generation of #iKons and present them to the world; for the world to see them shine bright like a diamond in the sky”

FLORALESQUE IS GOING TO LONDON FASHION WEEK!You may remember my interview with Kyree Forrest (here) and Emma Curtis (here), well both of them are showing at House of iKons LFW Shows tomorrow so I am delighted to be attending and covering live from the events. It was the interview and further showcase (here) of Kyree’s work that landed me the invite for media access to the event.

I am such an advocate of promoting emerging designers and giving them the support that they need that covering the House of iKons shows are the perfect fit for that. I am looking forward to seeing Kyree and Emma’s work as well as discovering other new designers that I may not know the work of yet.

At the shows I will also be supporting Irish Design by wearing pieces from both Maria Dorai-Raj and Hazel Greene – both of whom have been interviewed on the blog previously here and here.

So here is to an amazing weekend in London both at the shows and also some of the other events that I plan on going to. And also thanks to The Creative Yoke for the support as well 🙂



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