Floralesque Irish Examiner Feature

The Irish Examiner is a much loved and well-established paper in Ireland, that when they contacted me about being featured in the paper I jumped at the chance.

They have a section in the paper and online called ‘Online Lives’ and through that, they feature people who have lives that they share online through blogs etc.. It was incredibly exciting to be featured online, but then also came the surprise that the interview that we did was to be featured in the actual paper as well.

We talked about why Irish Design is focused on here, as well as why it is not a numbers game for me and also a slightly controversial view on social media accounts. It was great to bring it back to what is important and really why Floralesque was started in the first place. I have always wanted Floralesque to be a fun and interesting place for people to visit, a place where you can learn about Irish Brands, find great interviews with designers and also have a little fun with some lifestyle pieces.

And having talked about it, I am intending to bring Floralesque back to its roots – there are going to be some changes, mainly new articles introducing emerging designers, Irish Brands and also brands that focus on sustainability. With all the major brands advertising in many corners of the internet, it can be hard to find those amazing smaller or newer brands that don’t have the same advertising budgets and I want to shine a light on them. I am excited to get started!

A massive thank you to Denise for the feature, I am honestly beyond chuffed to be featured and it is certainly one of my blog highlights of 2018! You can read the full interview online here.


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