FRO-YO heaven in Hunky Moo's

I am such a big fan of ice cream but am also conscious just how unhealthy many can be. So my compromise over the past few months has been frozen yogurt as after reading up about it – it seems like the better option. It may not sound too exciting but you can put so many tasty toppings on them that they feel like an amazingly sweet treat.

And then my love affair with Fro-Yo intensified when I discovered Hunky Moos! As you can see from the pictures we didn’t quite choose the ‘healthiest’ options….. but they were simply delicious! What I liked about Hunky Moos was firstly the super friendly staff and secondly the awesome selection of items that you can put on top of your frozen yogurt. They have SO many different foods to choose from that you can go as safe to as crazy as you want with or be as safe as you wish with just strawberries. Personally, I loved the Oreos and anything white chocolate will always be a winner for me.

FRO-YO heaven in Hunky Moo's

And it is not just frozen yogurt that they do – they also have some delicious smoothies and also protein shakes. I am not much of a protein shake girl but love their smoothies. And they also sell a wide selection of protein powders as well – these I cannot say much on other than they have a wide selection and the guys in there seem super knowledgeable.

If you have been looking for a slightly healthier option to ice cream especially on a hot day – then certainly check out Hunky Moos on Abbeygate Street! You can learn more about them on their website and they are also on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

This is not in anyway sponsored – I just know sometimes it can be hard to find somewhere fun and tasty to go on a hot Summer’s day 🙂 And if you are looking for other places to eat then you can check out more reviews here.


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