Fun Christmas Vouchers from Sligo Creatives Floralesque 3Normally I am against Gift Vouchers as personally, I don’t like the idea of the value of the gift being so obvious. I care more about the sentiment and love behind a present than the amount spent. However, there is one exception. And that is vouchers for experiences. Depending on the person and experience – sometimes buying some an experience can mean more to that person than buying them something new that they may not use.

In Sligo, there are some amazing crafters and designers and today I just want to share just 2 options for vouchers that you could purchase for those who love to create in your life.

Fun Christmas Vouchers from Sligo CreativesFor that arty person – 

Art classes with Zara Mc Daid. The classes are called ‘Key to my Art’, and start on Wednesday 18th January 2017 and it run for four weeks. I have personally purchased artwork from Zara before that now hangs in my office and she was just amazing to deal with it. She is an art teacher and professional artist herself so she will be great to learn from. I always prefer to go to workshops where the person has immersed themselves in the craft.

At her workshop/classes she will provide a full range of art classes for people who wish to explore their creative potential, learn new skill’s, make new friend’s, develop visual awareness and deepen their understanding of art processes and techniques through various media such as oils, acrylics, water-colour, pastel’s and drawing media.

To learn more about the classes and how to purchase vouchers click here.


For the crafty person – 

Graham Reid runs beginner classes for glass blowing and this is high on my Christmas wishlist this year. During the class you learn the basics of working with Murano glass rods and a specialist flameworking torch to produce a number of your own unique glass beads. I love the idea of being able to bring something you created home with you.

His studio is only 15 minutes from Sligo and to learn more about the classes and how to purchase vouchers click here.

This is just a small selection of the type of workshops / experiences / classes that you could gift someone. Sometimes it is very easy to get focused on buying people things that experiences can be overlooked! Have a look in your local area and see what is on offer – so many crafters have courses on offer and I have found that they are always such fun experiences! 🙂


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