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Buying Valentine’s Day gifts do not have to be so serious and also do not need to cost you a week’s salary. Some of the most memorable gifts I have received have been funny mugs and also quirky little gifts. They can sometimes mean more than an expensive gift especially if there is an inside joke with them.

Take for example the awesome mugs above from Hippenings – they also do Wifey Wifey ones and Hubby Hubby ones. They are just plain awesome. Today I wanted to share some fun gift options if you are looking for something to get your other half (or yourself either!) 🙂

Fun Valentine's Day Gifts for Him and Her

And next up have to be this hilarious mugs from Moss Cottage (link)! They are just brilliant and would certainly bring a smile to someone’s face, as would this adorable neon heart – so cute! 

Fun Valentine's Day Gifts for Him and Her

This Adventure Togeather personalisable print is quite possibly the most thoughtful gift in this guide. It is from a shop on Etsy called AGierDesign and lets you choose 3 places to add – for example where you are from, where your other half is from and where you live now.

Fun Valentine's Day Gifts for Him and HerOkay so travel is certainly in my mind at the moment 🙂 It’s certainly a theme running through this post – I think it is because I firmly believe in experiencing new things and places togeather make your relationship stronger. This book would be the most amazing guide that you could then go through togeather and pick a travel wishlist from!

Fun Valentine's Day Gifts for Him and Her

Lightboxes may sound like an odd one to include, but we have an A4 one and it’s actually quite fun to leave messages for each other on them. And also funnier if the other person hasn’t noticed that you have changed it. This one is from Hippenings here.

If you both love to travel then this is the perfect gift. As you go and see places togeather you can scratch off the places on the map. I got this for my other half a few years ago and he loved it. He thought it was so thoughtful as I had already scratched off the places that I knew he had already travelled to.Fun Valentine's Day Gifts for Him and HerOkay so I just had to share this – if your other half loves makeup then I can *almost* guarantee that she will adore this. It is just beautiful and would make the most stunning gift. It is by Lancome and called the La Rose À Poudrer and well just swoon….

And if you are looking for more inspiration here are some more Valentine’s Day Gift Guides:


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