Goats Island - a hidden gem of the South Floralesque

There are some places that you visit that just take your breath away and Goat’s Island hidden away between Youghal and Ardmore in the South is one such place. I just had to share this little gem with you all as it is certainly off the beaten path but simply stunning when you get down to it. It had it all when we visited – blue waters, golden sands, hidden coves and dramatic cliff faces. 

Goats Island - a hidden gem of the South Floralesque

Goats Island - a hidden gem of the South FloralesqueWhen we were there we spent our time just exploring around and relaxing on the beach. There were some adventurous types rock climbing but since I have not been near a rock climbing wall since college I decided to leave that activity! There were some families with their kids paddling away, some people playing in the rock pools and others appeared to be trying to shallow fish as well. And of course there were a few picnicers as well just relaxing and taking it all in.

Goats Island - a hidden gem of the South Floralesque
The beautiful views on the drive down to Goats Island

Some tips if you do decide to pop down to this stunning little cove;

  • The road down to the inlet is narrow and windy – do not drive fast, it felt like it could be quite a dangerous road if someone was to just fly around the corners and really only fits one car comfortably. Take it easy and enjoy the drive down – it is a meandering country road as well so if you are the passenger take out your camera and just relax.
  • Make sure to check the tides – in my opinion it is MUCH better when the tide is out, when it is in there won’t be much of a beach to relax on 🙂
  • Bring a picnic – because why not and also because this is still untouched so to speak by people so there are no facilities down there (which by the way I think is a great thing!). It is so picturesque that you couldn’t not bring one and then take the perfect Instagram.
  • Not to sound negative, but it is quite isolated when you get down there so be careful. I wouldn’t personally go down on my own though am sure it would be grand, and when we were down there – there were no lifeguards etc. on duty. Just something to keep in mind.

Goat Island is one of the most beautiful hidden inlets that I have been to. It is hidden away but once you discover it’s beauty you will want to go again – trust me 🙂 Could not recommend enough to go visit it on a sunny afternoon – such a relaxing and peaceful seaside escape xx

Goats Island - a hidden gem of the South Floralesque

By the way here is a map to the location as I would certainly get you lost if I gave you the directions 🙂 



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