Floralesque Himself's favourite smoothie

So as you may have seen this is my go to smoothie. Well my boyfriend has a different smoothie that he loves to drink in the mornings – and might I also note that he is MUCH better at adding greens and vegetables into his drinks.

This is what he prefers to include in his smoothies:

  • Carrots – generally 2-3 depending on the size
  • Apples – again 2-3
  • Spinach – he jams this in! 🙂
  • Chia Seeds – a sprinkling
  • Yogurt – whereas I prefer to add water as my liquid base he prefers to add yogurt so his smoothies are considerably thicker than mine

Optional extras that he sometimes include oats, linseed and some goji berries. The main thing that he always tries to do is balance out the fruit and vegetables in it. 80-85% vegetables and then the rest fruit, he is trying to to make sure that while eating healthy doesn’t overload his system with sugar (even natural sugars) first thing in the morning. His certainly taste more ‘earthy’ than mine 🙂

I find that smoothies are so handy for getting your five a day in though you do need to be careful of the sugar content. Fruit does have sugar and although not the bad processed kind – you still need to take it into account. Now to be honest I have never let that stop me having a smoothie but if you are watching your sugar intake it needs to be considered.

I hope that you enjoyed this mini-recipe – I love finding new simple smoothie recipes myself so if you have any new ones please send them on!


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