GP & J BAKER are a heritage UK Brand that has been creating beautiful prints and weaves since 1884. They also have one of the largest privately owned textile archives in the world. When I heard that they were collaborating on a collection with HM I quite literally squealed with excitement.

HM x GP & J BAKER CollaborationThe romantic collection is truly beautiful and full of statement pieces. It is truly a maximalist’s dream. “It’s a real joy seeing our cherished designs given a new lease of life in the fashion arena,” GP & J Baker MD and creative director, Ann Grafton, adds of the “fascinating process”.

HM x GP & J BAKER CollaborationThe entire collection feels very feminine and although it is full of statement prints, the collection feels very wearable with blouses, dresses, blazers, jumpsuits and more included. And due to the heritage prints that are throughout the collection, these pieces if looked after will be timeless. You will be able to wear them time and time again and in multiple seasons which is why the collection appeals to me.

HM x GP & J BAKER Collaboration“Working with authentic archive designs that have a history and beautiful hand-drawn quality is a fantastic solution for bringing a collection to life,” Grafton comments.

The HM x GP & J Baker collection will be available from August 02nd, and this is one of the very few collections that I will literally be up first thing to try and purchase some pieces from!!


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