How to choose the perfect jeans with Orla SheridanRecently when I attended the Insiders Secrets Masterclass, Orla Sheridan the fab Galway stylist was sharing styling tips and I swear I took pages and pages of notes. One aspect that I really enjoyed as her tips with regards choosing the right pairs of jeans for you. Many of us tend to live in denim and to be honest I never know what to shop for – sure they fit but do they really look good on me? So today I thought I would share some of the tips that she shared as you may also find them useful.

Choosing the right denim jean for you 

  • Trial and error – know the rise of a jean that suits your body type. Try many on and see what suits – then you know what to look for when shopping for your perfect pair of jeans
  • A harder denim (more old school), wears really well and can be a better fit
  • High waist works well for most people and also hides if you have a little muffin top!
  • A little fray at the bottom of a pair of jeans looks lovely and is on trend at the moment
  • An important way to make jeans look more expensive is to make sure that the thread used in the jeans is not too different a colour to the denim. In cheaper jeans, the thread can be a completely different colour and stands out more
  • White jeans can be worn and can look really good – but go for a slightly harder denim (try perhaps Levi’s) and they will look and wear better
  • With good jeans don’t be afraid to alter them to suit your body better – a little too long that great fit everywhere else, then just get them taken up a little
  • A cropped leg in jeans can to a really nice way to show a little skin in a chic way
  • If you choose a pair of jeans with slightly higher pockets they will make your bum look better

And the Don’t of choosing the right denim jean for you 

  • Don’t go for jeggings – they are not proper jeans! They may work for a more nightline look but go for a harder denim for day jeans.
  • Stay away from two-tone denim
  • Don’t spend loads of money on ‘jean trends’. My example on this would be the controversial plastic knee panels that are around right now – do you really see yourself wearing them in 6 months time? If I really love a trend then I may spend slightly less on them but still try and think of the 30 wear rule!

I hope that you found the above tips helpful – I found them so useful especially with regards pockets and the type of denim to invest in so you have them for years. I would highly recommend that you pop onto’s Orla’s website as she has some amazing articles about styling on it and I have taken so many tips from it. She is a stylist so if you are looking for something for a special occasion or to revamp your look or freshen up your wardrobe Orla does it all. Orla is also on Twitter and Facebook and I have to also admit I love her stylishly curated Instagram!


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