I don’t know why but this year it has taken me longer than normal to get into the festive spirit and into the Christmas mood this year. Normally I am the ultimate Christmas person but this year I just haven’t been feeling it, it could be because I seem to be busier than ever and not given myself the chance to take it all in. I still struggle to just stop and breathe. We have put up our tree and it does look pretty but I need to feel the mood! So I thought I would share how to get into the festive Spirit when you just ain’t feeling it.

ONE // Decorate your home if you haven’t already

(And if you’re feeling super crafty, make some decorations yourself)

If you haven’t got the tree up yet – then off you go! There is something so relaxing and to me calming about putting on the Christmas Tree lights in the evening after work and then lighting the fire. It’s SO relaxing and all those baubles – instant Christmas cheer!

TWO // Watch your favourite holiday movies

Now that your tree is up – put on a classic Christsmas Movie. Some of my favourites include Elf (obviously!), Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Claus, Home Alone, The Polar Express, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and A Christmas Carol but to name a few. I love getting into cozy pajames and curling up with loved ones to watch a good classic.

THREE // Go Ice Skating with friends

(and wear an ugly Christmas Jumper!)

This actually would combine 3 Festive activities – firstly ice skating and secondly meeting up with friends and lastly wearing an ugly Christmas Jumper! Ice skating in Galway only happens around Christmas time and I love to go. Now I’ll be honest I’m not the most talented ice skater but it is so much fun.

Meeting up with friends and catching up on each others lives over a hot chocolate or mulled wine should help get you in a more festive mood (or perhaps the mulled wine might do it….) as there is no time spent better than time spent with your favourite people. Then sure why not throw in a Christmas Jumper for good measure – you could also go for  a mini one.

FOUR // Visit the local Christmas Market at night

Certainly something that I do look forward to it visiting Christmas our local and also international Christmas Markets. The market in Galway is pretty amazing and taking a wander in on a chilly (but hopefully dry) night is such a delight. There are treats to be tasted and presents to be brought. I would also recommend the markets in Manchester if you are in the area – they are amazing!!

FIVE // Bake some festive treats & drop them to a local homeless charity

Baking the likes of Christmas cookies or cake can be quite the fun experience, especially if you have children and they help you decorate. And then what better way to spread the Christmas cheer than to pay if forward and donate them to a local homeless charity. And while you are doing that – maybe there are some toys or clothes that you could donate as well?

SIX // Write Christmas cards 

(and blast out the Christmas Tunes at the same time)

This may sound like an old fashioned one but in the age that we live in where we all just wish each other Happy Birthday and Happy Christmas Facebook wall to Facebook wall there is something so genuine about receiving a card. And I don’t just mean the automated ones that you can order online – I mean the handwritten cards. It takes times for someone to pick out the card, write it and then trot to the post box to send it as well. Sitting down and taking time out of your day to think about who you are writing to and then writing them well wishes for the Christmas holidays, how could that not put you in a festive mood. Receiving a Christmas card from someone is still one of my favourite Christmas traditions.

What do you like to do at Christmas to feel more festive?


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