Nike We Own the Night London 2014 Floralesque
Can you spot me? I am somewhere in this photo 🙂 Image via Nike.

Nike We Own the Night London 2014 Floralesque.

Do you have something that you feel is just defeating you? I do.
It is a 10k race that I did in both 2014 and 2015 and was unhappy with both races. Nike ran a race series called ‘We Own the Night’ at night in 2014, and in the afternoon in 2015. It is a wonderful celebration of women and the actual event is just amazing. However, my performance both years –  not so amazing.
2016 will be my year!


2014 Race – I ran/walked the full 10k which I was happy with but I would have loved to have run the whole race and not been as tired afterwards as what I was. But I did cross the finish line in one piece 🙂

Nike We Own the Night London 2014 Floralesque Alex monroe
The stunning Alex Monroe Finishing Necklace from 2014

2015 Race – I ran/walked 5k of the race. I stupidly wore new runners and they did not agree with my ankles. Note to all – do not break in new trainers (no matter how cute they are!) on race day. I was so disappointed in myself and it really did get me down. Both of my friends that were running it as well were so supportive and they cut their race short as well and I felt even worse about that!

Run Nike Women Series 2015 Floralesque.

2016 Race – I will run a Nike 10K this year. The reason for me focusing on a Nike Race is because it is their races that have beaten me the last two years and I follow various Nike accounts on social media (e.g. On Instagram I follow @NikeRunning @NikeLondon @Nikewomen) and I find them inspiring. Some of you more seasoned runners may think I am crazy (or very unfit!) but everyone has to start somewhere and this is my start line.

Run Nike Women Series 2016 Floralesque
Image via Nike

Nike have just released their Run Nike Women Series 2016 and it is on! I am not sure if this is replacing their Nike We Own the Night Series but either way – this is the race that I will be competing in. They have released this micro-site but not the dates of the races yet but I am going to compete in London (subject to getting an entry!) and RUN the entire race.


Run Nike Women Series 2016 Floralesque Quote


I already use the Nike Running App but will be picking up the pace. I am very much starting from scratch with running and all tips are welcomed! I will be starting like I have before by running lamp-post to lamp-post and building it up gradually. I am hoping that the race is during the summer as training starts tomorrow. Wish me luck 🙂 I am already eating better than I have in years so I am also hoping that this helps me with my training and I may also track it here to help keep me on track – accountability is a good thing sometimes.

Here are some of the details released to date on the series… 

For the 2016 Series the cities that the races will run in are Athens, Atlanta, Barcelona, Beijing, Buenos Aries, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jakarta, Los Angeles, London, Manila, Mexico, Nagoya, Rio DeJaneiro, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, Taipei and Tokyo!

“More than 200,000 women worldwide conquered their first half marathon, 10k or Nike+ Training Club (NTC) challenge as part of the 2015 Nike Women’s Event Series. This year, Nike once again invites athletes of all levels to challenge themselves and experience the power of the global fitness community via a series of one-of-a-kind running and training events – each part of the NikeWomen Victory Tour and NikeWomen Weeks around the globe. 

Inspired by Nike, the winged goddess of victory, the NikeWomen Victory Tour is the largest women’s event series in the world. Moreover, it celebrates personal victories through sport, inspiring athletes to push themselves and be Better For It. The tour kicks off March 13 in Nagoya, Japan, and comprises 10k to marathon Nike+ Run Club (NRC) Races, five-hour-long NTC Tour training experiences and unique NRC and NTC events. The 2016 tour runs through September and stops in cities around the world, including Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and Los Angeles, the site of Joan Benoit Samuelson’s milestone victory in 1984, when the women’s marathon became an Olympic event….”

 Registration opens 29th January – and I will be there will bells on and I will conquer this!


    • Awh thanks so much – that actually means a lot. I was quite nervous pressing the publish button on this one. I am going on my second run (okay walk/run) this eveningvsince publishing this so am trying to stay motivated 🙂 x


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