In defence of my blanket scarf Floralesque
The Sunrise all the way in Oslo in front of the Opera House – my blanket scarf was the only thing keeping me warm !!

Blanket Scarves have become a daily staple in my wardrobe. The coziness and cuddly factor of these scarves have completely drawn me in and I now have 3 that I keep on rotation. Two from Zara and one from TopShop.

Floralesque in defence of my blanket scarf Topshop ZARA.

The scarves can sometimes however be a topic of debate; ‘are you sure that is a scarf‘, ‘why are you wearing a blanket’ etc. so I thought I would defend my love of these wardrobe staples to those who doubt why they are amazing 🙂

  1. They are deliciously warm. With the current cold spell that we are experiencing I could not think of a more appropriate accessory. They are cozy, soft and will keep you toasty throughout this Winter chill. A handy style tip is to pin your scarf with a brooch to keep it in place. It can add a vintage look (with the right brooch) and is functional as well.
  2. A blanket scarf is an accessory that can be worn SO many different ways. As a scarf, a cowl, a belted cape, a shawl etc. and I love the flexibility of the item. If you sometimes struggle to style your scarf – one of the best posts that I have seen on how to style a blanket scarf is this one from Kelly in the City. I have been following Kelly for quite a while as I love her preppy inspired style – if you haven’t checked out her blog I advise you to pop onto it.
  3. A plaid blanket scarf can add a wonderful sense of preppyness to an outfit. They are cute and functional – and I love the look that they can add to an outfit. They can add the pop of colour also to a more neutral colour and the adundance of fabric can also feel quite luxurious.
  4. It is a great layering piece. The fact that you can pop these on and off so easily make them a great piece to wear on those days where there may be a chill but it will warm up later in the day. They can be rolled up easily and just thrown into your handbag once you are warmed up. I also tend to have one left in the office and if I feel a chill due to the air conditioning I can just throw it around my shoulders.
  5. Okay… it can on occasion be wrapped around you as a blanket or rolled up as a pillow. This can be really handy when travelling and especially on long haul flights.
Floralesque in defence of my blanket scarf
And now…. a serious face…. for a serious topic… 🙂

By the way blanket scarves do also have their dark side….. here are just a few examples…

  1. Often people will think that you are wearing a blanket… for example a flight I was on recently and I was all wrapped up in my scarf and when it was time to land I was kindly asked to put away my blanket. So me being me decided to make the situation awkward and advise that it was actually a scarf. I really don’t know who was more embarrassed – me or the air stewardess! By the way this may not just happen with air stewardess… some of your friends may also ask… and you know who you are!! 🙂
  2. When Blanket Scarves attack. So it may happen that you think that the scarf is on your side and looking fairly cozy around your neck. THEN you meet the amazing Anouska and you take a shameless selfie together and then this happens….. THE SCARF ATTACKED!

In defence of my blanket scarf Floralesque

So there you have it… why I love them…. and also a look into their dark side…. are you convinced? 🙂


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