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As mentioned in this post, the Textiles and Fashion Design students at St. Angela’s College in Sligo are holding their Graduate Showcase Exhibition tomorrow and I have been lucky enough to get to feature the graduating designers today on the blog. Here is my interview with the very talented Angela Lavin – her brightly coloured children’s pieces are just stunning.

What made you decide to take design as a serious career path?

I have always been interested in fashion and had previously completed the Certificate in Fashion Design and The Diploma in Creative Textiles in St Angela’s College. When the Degree Programme was offered I was very interested in furthering my studies in the area of fashion. This is primarily a design course, which is very satisfying if you are creative, love making things and are inspired by fashion. Studying design allows you to create and make your own garments.

2016 Fashion Graduate Showcase Exhibition Sligo Floralesque Angela Lavin 3

Where does your design inspiration come from?

I take my inspiration from the natural world. For my graduate collection Forever Young I based my design on coral inspired by the vibrant colours and surface design. Using natural fabrics, fabric manipulation and embellishments I designed a range of clothing for the young teenage population that are high quality, durable, colourful, fresh, individualistic and above all fun to wear.

I feel young people spend too much time on their digital devices and would prefer them to get out more and explore the natural world. This would enable them to get in touch with their inner being from where all their goodness emanates. To identify with my beliefs I used natural fabrics and bright colours to energises this collection.

Since you are just about to graduate, what advice would you have for people thinking of studying art and design? Some tips that you wish someone had given you?

I am not sure if I have any tips. However, I would say if this is your passion go for it, enjoy every minute and stay true to yourself. Make the most of your time and learn as much as you can. If you are a mature student like me, don’t ever think you’re too old or you won’t fit in. Take each day as it comes, deal with the moment, don’t look too far ahead and enjoy the experience

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Can you please tell us a bit about your graduation showcase collection?

My graduate collection Forever Young is aimed at the 12-14year old market. Using natural fabrics, some in their loomstate I dyed these fabrics with vibrant colours and used pleating and embellishments to enhance the designs. The range consists of key pieces that can be mixed and matched. These garments are very durable and can be swapped or passed on.

‘I was determined to put the fun back in clothes’.

2016 Fashion Graduate Showcase Exhibition Sligo Floralesque Angela Lavin 2What are your plans for the future – is there an area of fashion / design that most interests you?

In the future I intend to build on what I have learned on this degree course. I aim to investigate the viability of a new business venture to address this gap in the market I have identified. I am very interested in the ‘Slow Fashion’ movement and wish to create a product which is well made, durable, eco-friendly while competitive as a style item.

My research project in college Craft in Education explored the current level of craft education in Ireland for young people. Based on my findings I intend to explore ways in which young people can be encouraged to identify with nature, appreciate natural materials and develop an interest in learning the skills of crafting.

A massive thank you to Angela for being featured and I think that it is so fantastic that her graduate collection was featured at the younger market – a very unique collection. You can follow Angela on her website.

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