Interview with graduating designer Emma Curtis

2016 Fashion Graduate Showcase Exhibition Sligo Floralesque Emma Curtis 9

As mentioned in this post, the Textiles and Fashion Design students at St. Angela’s College in Sligo are holding their Graduate Showcase Exhibition tomorrow and I have been lucky enough to get to feature the graduating designers today on the blog. Here is my interview with the very talented Emma Curtis whose vibrant pieces can’t but put a smile on your face.

2016 Fashion Graduate Showcase Exhibition Sligo Floralesque Emma Curtis 13

What made you decide to take design as a serious career path?

I always loved art in school and had a love for design. I remember designing dresses all over my school books and cutting pages from my notes copies covered in designs.

Where does your design inspiration come from?

I love to design from nature, I find it fascinating what nature can create.

2016 Fashion Graduate Showcase Exhibition Sligo Floralesque Emma Curtis 7

Since you are just about to graduate, what advice would you have for people thinking of studying art and design? Some tips that you wish someone had told you?

Art and design is not easy and it can be very tiring. Forget about spending your money on going out and shopping because once you enter the Art and Design world all your cash goes on supplies and by the way you can never have enough supplies. You need to love design because if your just doing it for the sake of doing something, stop when your ahead. It really is challenging and it takes over your life. But the results at the end of a finished piece is mind blowing. When you start seeing results you get so excited and can’t wait to make something even more exciting.

2016 Fashion Graduate Showcase Exhibition Sligo Floralesque Emma Curtis 3

Can you please tell us a bit about your graduation showcase collection

My graduate collection is inspired by dragonflies. Looking at the beauty and colours of these beautiful creatures, each unique in their own way. As a secondary source for shape and structure I looked at rock formations and combined the two together. Looking at the lifespan of a dragonfly I discovered that they don’t live very long. I designed and created an occasion wear collection based on this information, my concept being to enjoy the occasion when you can, as life is so short. Considering our own lives and the one of a dragonfly I developed a fun, happy colourful collection. Let life take you and enjoy the occasion.

What are your plans for the future – is there an area of fashion / design that most interests you?

At the moment I am doing an internship with Irish designer Natalie B Coleman. I hope to gain some knowledge and experience in how a fashion company is run and take on board any advice Natalie has to offer.

I hope to have my own label in the near future and become one of Irelands leading designers. Over the last two years I have done some weaving with Monaghan Textile designer Liz Christy and have gained a great respect for her work. I want to develop a collection using her colourful woven fabrics and combining them together with exciting prints. I love print in all aspects and will continue developing prints and bringing print through my collections.

2016 Fashion Graduate Showcase Exhibition Sligo Floralesque Emma Curtis 5

A massive thank you to Emma for being featured here and you can follow her on her website,  Facebook and also Pinterest. She is certainly one to watch and I am very excited to see what she creates in the future.

2016 Fashion Graduate Showcase Exhibition Sligo Floralesque Emma Curtis 8

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