2016 Fashion Graduate Showcase Exhibition Sligo Floralesque Roseanne Mc Namee 1As mentioned in this post, the Textiles and Fashion Design students at St. Angela’s College in Sligo are holding their Graduate Showcase Exhibition tomorrow and I have been lucky enough to get to feature the graduating designers today on the blog. Here is my interview with the very talented Roseanne Mc Namee, I love the bright colour contrast against the white colour of her pieces. She is also excitingly been announced as a finalist in the Wedding Journal’s Young Designer of the Year 2016 national fashion design competition.

2016 Fashion Graduate Showcase Exhibition Sligo Floralesque Roseanne Mc Namee 4

What made you decide to take design as a serious career path?

I suppose it started with my Nana, she would always have made her own garments for her children and her grandchildren. I loved watching her while knitting and I suppose I have always had an interest since then. I did my first year in Galway Technical Institute studying Fashion Design and since then I have wanted to pursue my career as a Fashion Designer. I love the idea of making something myself and this is where I started from.

Where does your design inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes mostly from a theme. I decide on a main theme for eg: Bubbles, I then concentrate on what is interesting in a bubble and I investigate this further and experiment different ideas. I then draw from this concept and create different shapes throughout.

2016 Fashion Graduate Showcase Exhibition Sligo Floralesque Roseanne Mc Namee 3

Since you are just about to graduate, what advice would you have for people thinking of studying art and design? Some tips that you wish someone had told you?

Enjoy what you do, if you love fashion it will come to you don’t force it. Its fun, creative and challenging but I know I will enjoy my work now because this is something that interests me.

2016 Fashion Graduate Showcase Exhibition Sligo Floralesque Roseanne Mc Namee 5

Can you please tell us a bit about your graduation showcase collection

My chosen theme for my graduate collection is based on transparent bubbles. I focused around the concept of how a bubble is formed and what shapes it creates. I found the colours of a bubble fascinating and wanted to investigate more. I wanted to investigate how long a bubble would last for and how easily they can burst. I decided to create the movement of bubbles by capturing the speed of bubbles passing by the camera; this created a flow of colours. I got my shapes from a collage of bubbles I had put together and I then wanted to use this with the shapes I had taken from the speed and movement. As bubbles are very delicate to the touch I wanted my garments to feel delicate but also structured so I needed to find a way to link this.

As I investigated more into the bubble and how they are formed with water I decided I wanted to try make my own shape but with a harder surface. I did an experiment by filling water into a balloon with sprinkled glitter and different objects to create colour. I then hardened this by freezing the balloon and bursting it. This gave me the structure I wanted.
Another experiment I enjoyed doing was creating fabric with Angelina fibres and film with cd holographic discs. I wanted to re-create the colours within a bubble.

To create my collection I have chosen fabrics to replicate the idea and concept of a bubble including iridescent fabrics I made myself, printed leather, Iridescent suede leather, brushed moleskin cotton and knitwear. Embellishments are features of my collection and these are used to create the concept of a bubble.

2016 Fashion Graduate Showcase Exhibition Sligo Floralesque Roseanne Mc Namee 2

What are your plans for the future – is there an area of fashion / design that most interests you?

When I graduate from my final year in St Angela’s College Sligo. I would like to gain experience in working with a designer in Ireland and abroad such as India, Paris and London. I feel this would be of great benefit for me when starting up my own business as a fashion designer. It is my ambition to start up my own business as a Fashion designer under my own label. My next project is to design an outfit for ladies day at the Galway races as this an occasion I attend every year.

A massive thank you to Roseanne for being featured here and you can follow her on her website,  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I wish her the best of luck in the Wedding Journal competition!

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