Iris Apfel Emojis are here and they are everything Floralesque 5Iris Apfel Emojis are here and they are everything!!

You may remember a post a few months back when we learned that the Style Icon Iris Apfel was going to be releasing her own line of emojis – well they are here and they are everything! There are 42 emojis, 12 stickers and three GIFs available for free download on the App store and this is one bandwagon that I jumped right onto!

The emojis are inspired by Apfel’s signature quotes  “More is more”and  “I never met a colour I didn’t like” and I love the cute Iris heads and  the glasses emoji as well! They really are just adorable and they did such a good job with them. I am honestly just so in awe of Iris and her ability at 94 years young to be launching a new collection with Macys as well as the Emojis’.

How to get the new Emojis

Firstly, you need to download the emoji keyboard from the App store. I searched for Iris Apfel and it found them but you can see from below that they are called ‘INCmojis’.

Iris Apfel Emojis are here and they are everything Floralesque 3

Once you have them downloaded then you need to add a new keyboard to your phone;

  • Go into iPhone settings
  • Then ‘General’ Settings
  • Click into your keyboard settings (‘keyboard’)
  • Click into your ‘keyboards’ and then ‘Add a new Keyboard’
  • Choose the ‘Iris Meets INC 0 INCmojis’
  • When you have it added then just click into it and you have the option to ‘Allow Full Access’. Before clicking yes this is quite a good article on what doing this means.
  • If you are happy to allow full access then you can use it away in messages etc.! 🙂


  1. Thankyou for the step by step instructions and the additional link explaining full access. Without that info I would never have managed. Love the emojis.


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